24 | MAY | 2019
The XXI Mexico-Canada Interparliamentary Meeting - Photo: Taken from Canada in Mexico Twitter account

Mexican and Canadian parliamentarians gather in Mexico City

Dulce Carranza
Mexico City
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At the XXI Mexico-Canada Interparliamentary Meeting to discuss migration, trade, and environmental protection

On Monday, the XXI Mexico-Canada Interparliamentary Meeting (IPM) was inagurated in Mexico City, as interparliamentary relations are an integral part of the bonds between both countries.

"Recently, Mexico and Canada have seen each other through a thick glass called the United States, taking for granted that communication would allow comprehension. Yet, we realize today that thickness distorts appreciation," stated deputy Victor Giorgiana Jiménez (PRI).

The current situation of both countries regarding U.S. threats to reverse an integration process is what has forced Mexico and Canada to reassess the importance of broadening ties beyond the shared agenda with the U.S. continued Victor Giorgiana.

Canadian Senator George Fury highlighted that Canada-Mexico relations go beyond the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), thus assuring that Canadians support Mexico on the trilateral agreement.

The Mexico-Canada IPM, first launched in 1975, constituting the main setting for a shared dialogue that covers a wide range of topics, including international justice, economic and democratic development, and cultural diffusion.

This edition—scheduled for October 2017, yet postponed by the September earthquakes—focused mainly on migration, trade, and environmental protection and took place on February 19 and 20 in Mexico City.



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