#MeToo share thousands denouncing sexual harassment

After singer Björk told her story, many have rallied under the hashtag to show the “magnitude of the problem”
File photo by Juan Boites/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Thanks to social networks, women – and some men – from all around the world have used the case of the alleged sexual assault of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to denounce the harassment and abuse they themselves have suffered in their lives.

Under the hashtag #MeToo, thousands have replied to the proposal of Sybil McGuire, a Björk follower, who proposed women wrote “me too” to show the “magnitude of the problem” after the Icelandic singer revealed she was sexually harassed by Lars von Trier while filming “Dancer in the Dark,” although the Danish director has since denied the accusation.


The hashtag had a snowball effect and in Spain and Latin America, the Spanish #YoTambién has also been used to denounce the harassment and abuse many suffer at work, school, on the streets, or at their homes.



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