21 | MAY | 2019
Meade's last-ditch effort
José Antonio Meade in Coacalco, State of Mexico – Photo: Irvin Olivares/EL UNIVERSAL

Meade's last-ditch effort

Mexico City
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Meade's last-ditch effort

With the pressure of working against the clock, José Antonio Meade is analyzing if the time has come to make some adjustments in his team. There are those who claim that changes are unavoidable now and that in the upcoming days Meade will do a last-ditch effort so his candidacy takes an upturn and leaves the third place  – which is where most surveys place him. We'll have to see the weight carried by the members of Meade's campaign team.

El Bronco, Kung Fu Panda fan

So that people don't think Jaime Rodríguez Calderón (El Bronco) is just a barbarian who plans on cutting the hands of thieves and enrolling our youth in militarized schools, he has decided to show his tender side and let us know that when he puts down his machete he enjoys watching children's films. In what he himself has dubbed the “broncomania” – because after the first debate everyone recognizes him now – El Bronco took some time off yesterday to take a stroll across Xochimilco and Chapultepec, without the pressure of a presidential campaign. And it was at the Chapultepec Zoo where Mr. Calderón revealed he is a panda fan, but above all, a fan of the Kung Fu Panda film. “It's the one I like the most; I watched it this morning,” said the independent candidate.

The PAN members who support Zavala

The former president of the Oaxaca Congress, Eufrosina Cruz, has challenged the national leadership of the conservative National Action Party (PAN). Our sources say the former federal deputy during the same legislature as Ricardo Anaya and Damián Zepeda has joined the team of Margarita Zavala and is in charge of outlining the social development policies. We're told Eufrosina has decided to support Mrs. Margarita because the latter is an independent candidate, and nothing in the by-laws of the party stops her, according to her. She said that if she gets expelled from the party for supporting a citizen, then “go ahead, I'm ready and free.” Margarita defended Ms. Eufrosina and remembered us that Ricardo Anaya himself is backing the candidacy of people from other parties. By the way, this Wednesday Margarita will visit Michoacán and will campaign next to her sister-in-law, Luisa María Calderón, who is an independent candidate running for federal deputy, after her resignation to the PAN last year.

A pat on the back for Gamboa

A pat on the back was the reward of the coordinator of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the Senate, Emilio Gamboa at the closure of the last ordinary session period of the current Legislature. We're told that the president of the Executive Board, member of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) Ernesto Cordero, and the head of the center-right Green Party (PVEM), Carlos Puente, sang their praises to Mr. Gamboa, who they described as one of the enablers at the Upper Chamber. After this, Mr. Emilio threw a nice feast to celebrate the conclusion of the legislative works. As you may know, Senators and Deputies conclude their works the last day of August, so the new Legislation takes over.


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