Meade calls for national unity upon launching campaign

The presidential candidate of the All for Mexico coalition presented his seven core campaign proposals and vowed to defend the interest of the nation “with his life”
 Meade calls for national unity upon launching campaign
Meade launches first campaign event in Yucatán – Photo: Germán Espinoza/EL UNIVERSAL
Ariadna García
Mérida, Yucatán
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At the kick-off event of his campaign, taking place in the southern state of Yucatán, José Antonio Meade, the presidential candidate of the All for Mexico coalition (PRI, PVEM, NA) called for national unity and urged to set smear campaigns aside.

Meade also presented seven proposals, with which he launches his “promises to the nation” and swore to defend the interests of the county “with his life.”

1. Gender equality. Meade said his administration will commit to women, to stop femicides and harassment, and to ensure equal opportunities.

2. Education. On this subject, the candidate claimed he would make some changes to the current education system, including the creation of more full-time schools.

3. Health. The proposal is to allocate MXN$ 30 billion for clinics and hospitals, to improve their equipment and supply them the medicine required, as well as to strengthen the Prospera welfare program to prevent children from being born into extreme poverty.

4. Insecurity. Meade claimed he would fight insecurity and impunity, claiming not to offer truces to criminals.

5. Corruption. Meade stated corruption was also going to be a priority of his administration and that he would remove it from the political class.

6. Immunity withdrawal. The candidate declared he would be the first President of Mexico without immunity, so he could be subjected to the law, if applicable.

7. Armed Forces. In this regard, Meade promised to raise wages and benefits for the members of the armed forces.

The national leaders of the three parties, Enrique Ochoa (PRI), Carlos Puente (PVEM), and Luis Castro (New Alliance Party) were among the attendants, including some Ministers, such as Enrique de la Madrid (Tourism), Gerardo Ruiz Esparza (Communication & Transports), and Ildefonso Guajardo (Economy).


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