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Mancera bullying Anaya

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Miguel Ángel Mancera, Mexico City's Mayor - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Mancera bullying Anaya

Now that bullying is the trend among politicians, the national leader of the National Action Party (PAN) and hopeful presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya could well file an official complaint against Mexico City's Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera. Mr. Miguel threw a poisoned dart on Tuesday when he proposed that the presidential candidate of the Citizen's Front for Mexico declare all its assets and – worse yet – pass a lie detector test. In case you've forgotten, these are two issues which, as of late, have been quite the source of headaches for Mr. Ricardo. Although Mancera didn't give names or a dedication, more than one knew who would have trouble meeting both requirements. “Not even remotely!” those who know the young PAN member would say.

Barrales by default

And talking about the Citizen's Front for Mexico, we're told the National Action Party (PAN) is dealing with a minor setback: they don't have a candidate to vie against Alejandra Barrales, the national leader of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) for the candidacy of Mayor to Mexico City. According to our sources, PAN members never thought it would be necessary to hold an internal election to define the candidate of the party for this position. The idea since the beginning for them was to have Ricardo Anaya run for the presidency while Barrales ran for Mayor and everyone happy. The problem came when Mr. Ricardo found himself with some internal competition and now he needs someone to compete against Barrales...yet no one seems willing to make the sacrifice. Xóchitl Gálvez, our sources say, is not an option, and the most prominent PAN members of Mexico City are looking for a place in the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, a local legislation, or as heads of boroughs – which they will not have access to if they run for Mayor. It seems Barrales will win by default, or at least, be the mutual agreement candidate.

A Duartist as Auditor General?

There's something strange going on with the registration of aspirants to the position of Auditor General. Just six days after the process was officially opened at the Chamber of Deputies and we're told only four people have registered, among them, Mr. Iván López, comptroller officer during the first half of the administration of Javier Duarte. Unsurprisingly, our sources say the candidacy rose eyebrows in San Lázaro given Ivan's“Duartist” background. In addition to Mr. Iván, the files of the following have also been presented: Alberto González, Roberto Mazón, and Raúl Sánchez Kobashi. Juan Manuel Portal, who is stepping down, hasn't yet presented a request to seek a possible reelection for eight more years.

Two presidential candidates on a Wednesday

As we reach the final countdown to know who are the possible presidential candidates of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the launching of the internal votation to chose “the one”, bets raise among the political class. And of course, the attention towards the aspirant increases too, like we saw this Wednesday with two of them. For instance, the Minister of Finances and Public Credit, José Antonio Meade, walked a few blocks along the Independencia street to arrive at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the Chancellor welcomed him with praises and compliments. And in the Senate, the Minister of the Interior, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, had a strong clash with the legislators of the opposition over the issue of security, but the other PRI members defended him with loud a clapping and tight hugs and handshakes. Do we have a draw?


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