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Leonora Carrington Museum to open in San Luis Potosí
Photo: Martha Alicia Blanco/EL UNIVERSAL

Leonora Carrington Museum to open in San Luis Potosí

Sergio Marín
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The prolific work of Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington will open to the general public next March 22

The prolific and impressive work of Leonora Carrington, one of the most renowned artists in the world as a representative of the Surrealism movement, will be exhibited to the general public next March 22 at a museum bearing her name and located in one of the most important buildings in San Luis Potosí: the Arts Center, a former prison repurposed to promote art and culture in all its manifestations.

The Artist

Leonora Carrington was born on April 6, 1917 in Chorley, Lancashire, England. She lived in France for a time, where she met other Surrealists such as Salvador Dalí, but after the Nazi occupation of Paris, she sought help at the Mexican embassy in Lisbon, which finally led her to arrive in Mexico in 1941.

It was a period in which Surrealism had a huge influence and Carrington quickly became acquainted with other exiled artists. She was awarded the National Award of Arts and Sciences in Fine Arts in 2005. She died aged 94 in Mexico City, on May 25th, 2011.


(Photograph of Leonora Carrington - Photo: Martha Alicia Blanco/EL UNIVERSAL)

Her connection to San Luis Potosí sprang from her friendship with Sir Edward James, who designed the “Las Pozas” sculpture garden, and who supported her in developing her artistic talent.

The project

Through the Foundation founded by Pablo Weisz Carrington, Carrington's son, the Foundation contacted local authorities who agreed to participate in the Leonora Carrington museum project that will now house close to 60 original sculptures of different sizes, 60 graphic pieces, including drawings and sketches, and 20 jewels designed by Carrington.

Aldo Arellano, the curator of the project, mentions that the works on display belong not only to the last phase of the artist but span several years, including her phase as a sculptor.

(Sculpture - Photo: Martha Alicia Blanco/EL UNIVERSAL)

In addition to this project, the Museum Leonora Carrington Xilitla is also being developed, half a block from the main square of this Magic Town.

The building, comprised of three levels, three permanent rooms, a temporary exhibition room, a shop, and cafeteria, will exhibit 70 sculptures, including monumental works, and temporary exhibitions with two main lines: those that have a direct link with Carrington's work, and those on current artistic practices.

“This will become one of the jewels for the tourism in San Luis Potosí. It will strengthen the reputation of the state and the links to the Surrealist movement we already have in Xilitla, adding the sculpture collection from several phases of the artist, together with her jewelry works, which have been rarely displayed, and her drawings,” explains Antonio García Acosta, director of the museum.



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