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Jorge Drexler touched by Mexico

Drexler's latest album, Salvavidas de hielo, has a strong connection with Mexico
Jorge Drexler, an Uruguayan musician – Photo: Taken from Jorge Drexler Facebook account
Janet Mérida
Mexico City
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Uruguayan doctor-turned-poet and musician Jorge Abner Drexler Prada, better known as Jorge Drexler, became the first Uruguayan to win an Academy Award for the song Al Otro Lado del Río from The Motorcycle Diaries in 2014. To date, his songs continue to delight the audience with its unique lyrics and sounds.

Drexler's latest album, Salvavidas de hielo, has a strong connection with Mexico due to the multiple collaborations with Mexican artists and particularly the video Movimiento featuring Lorena Ramírez, a rarámuri runner.

Movimiento was the result of a talk showcased in Ted Talks which has now reached about 500,000 people.

In the talk, Jorge Drexler retells how Joaquín Sabina approached him to a writing model structured of ten verses of eight syllables which has permeated Latin America in different ways.

Sabina encouraged Drexler to move to Spain, an experience that resulted in the song Pongamos que hablo de Martínez.

Drexler explains that his composition process has nothing to do with long periods of writing alone, but rather between his trips, his talks, and life itself inspiration moments arrive in which albums are born after intense work.

Salvavidas de hielo was a collaborative project featuring Natalia Lafourcade, a Mexican pop-rock singer and songwriter; Julieta Venegas, an American singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer who sings pop-rock in Spanish; and Mon Laferte, a Chilean singer-songwriter.

Jorge Drexler will be on tour in Mexico starting on February 18 to February 25.

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