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Margarita Zavala and José Osuna – Taken from Facebook

Internal rebellion against Anaya

Mexico City
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Internal rebellion against Anaya

The strategy has been defined. All the important members of the National Action Party (PAN) seeking the party's presidential candidacy will remain in the PAN. This newspaper has said there is a group of former governors who supports Margarita Zavala and one of them got ahead of us and stated they won't leave the party and “the fight will also happen inside.” In addition to this group, we also have the self-proclaimed #PANrebels, led by senator Ernesto Cordero. “You won't get rid of us, we're not leaving. We'll keep fighting even more resolutely to save the PAN,” claimed the senator Roberto Gil. These PAN members will be more than a headache for the national leader, Ricardo Anaya. And even if other PAN members watch from the sidelines how the sinkhole within the party keeps getting bigger and bigger, they say when Felipe Calderón was also the President of the Republic, he also had a monopoly on the party, reason why now Anaya has subdued Zavala, and why Anaya isn't willing to budge an inch from his preplanned course.

Clashes in the PRI over presidential candidate

Yesterday at noon, several key figures within the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) began circulating a draft of the meeting minutes of the Political Board for next Wednesday. One of the items on the agenda was the selection method of the presidential candidate. Many in the party raised an eyebrow at this because they didn't see it coming. The party could've waited one more week, they say, to discuss the matter of the candidate. Hours later the national leadership had to announce there was false information included in the document regarding the method to assign the candidacy, but that the Board is still meeting on Wednesday – just not to discuss this hot topic. The clash is at its height.

Senators freeze agendas

As expected, the Senate has become one of the battlefields for the 2018 General Elections, but the reality has been even more extreme than those who deal with politic forecasts anticipated, because there are no legislative commissions to rule on anything. Moreover, the agendas of the parliament factions are outside the radar of the senators. While the National Action Party remains in an emergency status due to the crisis caused by its national leader, Ricardo Anaya, it will be complicated to hold meetings to study proposals. We're told it's unthinkable to have a meeting between the supporters of Anaya and Calderón – coordinated by Fernando Herrera, to agree on the joint stand expected from every party, and least probable still with the presence of extremists, like Ernesto Ruffo and Víctor Hermosillo, who consider traitors to the cause all who support Margarita Zavala.

Getting ready for battle in San Lázaro

Next week will be crucial for the Chamber of Deputies in validating the Law on Internal Security, which is the legal framework of the Armed Forces in matters related to public security. Our sources say the members of the Citizen's Front for Mexico, – National Action Party (PAN), Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), adn the Citizen's Movement Party (MC) – will seek to find a ruling on the issue, but this will not constitute a new law, like the one the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Government are aiming for; they only want to add a chapter to the current Law on National Security,


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