INE begins preparations for election day

The Institute has begun printing the ballots for the federal elections; President Councilor Lorenzo Córdova reassures preparations are running on schedule
INE begins preparations for election day
Lorenzo Córdova showing the first print run of the ballots for the 2018 General Election - Photo: Luis Cortés/EL UNIVERSAL
Carina García
Mexico City
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The National Electoral Institute (INE) has begun printing 93.9 million ballots for the presidential election. According to President Councilor Lorenzo Córdova, logistics are running on time and insecurity hasn't been thus far an issue.

Córdova described violence as the “antithesis of the election contest” and mentioned that only 450 minor incidents have been reported by the 45,000 electoral assistant trainers who walk the streets of the Mexican Republic to locate the citizens who will serve as electoral polling officials.

He clarified 250 of said minor incidents had to do with dog attacks and that only the remaining 200 were related to “insecurity or gangs.” The President Councilor emphasized it had to be taken into consideration that for the number of electoral assistant trainers dispatched throughout the national territory for 52 days, “the answer was clear: thus far, we've had no insecurity event that could jeopardize the election process.”

At the facilities of Talleres Gráficos de México (TGM), a department of the Ministry of the Interior, the 281 million federal ballots are being printed in the anti-counterfeit paper.

Although there was a slight delay in the printing of the presidential ballots – due to the last-minute inclusion of an independent candidate – Córdova reassured they will be ready by June 10, so the ballots are distributed to the 300 District Councils.


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