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Ice between Zavala and Anaya

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Margarita Zavala and José Narro Robles – Photo by Lucía Godínez/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Ice between Zavala and Anaya

During the meal of the 300 Leaders, we're told conservative National Action Party (PAN) members Margarita Zavala and Ricardo Anaya sat at the same table, but except for the customary pleasantries, they did not exchange further words; they didn't break the ice. We're informed that the one behind Anaya de entire time was Senator Jorge Luis Preciado, who at some point even began carrying around a book the PAN leader was given as a present. Ms. Margarita, time and again, has spoken about the need for young Ricardo to leave the national leadership of the party, so they can all devote themselves to search for the presidential candidate of the PAN. Others at the table, we're told, preferred not to remove their coats or sweaters: the cold air between the PAN members was quite strong indeed.

The PAN keeps wrecking institutions

Legislators in favor of Ricardo Anaya can stop wrecking institutions. Now it was the turn of Deputy Jorge Ramos Hernández, president of the Security Commission who “disclosed” Government information to journalists about the intelligence system Pegasus, given to the Security Bicameral Commission. We're told the type of comments made by the legislator regarding the information, discussed in the previously mentioned commission, is prohibited according to the Federal Criminal Code. Moreover, we're told he not only betrayed a secret but that he also gave imprecise information. You have to handle it to the conservative National Action Party (PAN) members for knowing how to sent to hell the institutions because one thing is to be angry due to a politically unfavorable weather, but it's a serious offense to break the secrecy oath the commissions need to have. All the things they do to cover the leader!

Vice-presidency on paper

A vice-presidency at the Executive Board is the bone of contention between the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA). We're told that in the possible new configuration of the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, the PRD members are demanding that vicepresident Alejandro Ojeda steps down from his position since last Sunday he rennounced to the PRD party and joined MORENA. The PRD leader in San Lázaro, Francisco Martínez Neri, is planning to ask that another member of his brotherhood is appointed as Vice president. Simultaneously, Rocío Nahle, coordinator of MORENA, said that even if they already have the same number of deputies than the Green Party, they won't ask for a place at the Board, because they don't depend on it, ”they can have it, it's not our priority”, she claims. Yet, in the meantime, Deputy Ojeda may tell his grandchildren that, on paper, he was for a few hours the San Lázaro Vice president.

A trip to China and another to Oaxaca

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto returned Wednesday afternoon to Mexico City, after his fourth visit to the People's Republic of China. We're told it was a long flight and he had the opportunity to chat with two of his closest collaborators and friends: Chancellor Luis Videgaray and the Secretary of Public Education, Aurelio Nuño. In these five days together, away from their native country and the hurdles of everyday life at the office, the President and the two members of his Cabinet dinned together more than once, talked face to face, received the news of Trump cancelling DACA together, and increased the rapport with the Chinese Government. Today, we're told, the President will travel to Oaxaca to begin his tour to open the Cultural and Convention Center, building that was developed during the nine-month administration of Alejandro Murat.


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