Government establishes process for building demolition

Owners have two days to accept or appeal the demolition finding; construction companies are required third-party liability insurance
Collapsed building in Coquimbo street - Photo: Eduardo Sánchez/EL UNIVERSAL
Phenélope Aldaz
Mexico City
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According to the Ministry of Public Works and Services (SOBSE), land surveys will be performed prior to demolitions to reduce probable damages to adjacent buildings.

In addition to this measure, a photographic report will be prepared regularly to register the progress. As a safety measure, the area will be confined, strategic locations to anchor life lines will be identified, and conditions will be set so the inhabitants of damaged buildings are able to recover documents or objects.

Pursuant to the statements of this Ministry, all companies executing public works are required by law to have a third-party insurance.

Furthermore, they stated all construction companies participating in the demolition tasks must have an experienced technical and mechanical team and be up to date with all their taxes and social security responsibilities.

The Ministry of Public Works and Services will demolish the buildings which the Emergency Committee found to be a danger to pedestrians, drivers, and nearby buildings.

After opening a file per each of the buildings approved for controlled demolition, the Judicial Department will inform the owners, who will then have two days to either file an appeal, give their consent, or assume the liability of the operation, accordingly.

Afterwards, the documents supporting the proceeding will be returned to the Ministry of Public Works so the demolition can begin.

Throughout the process, brigades from the Ministry of the Interior will provide a follow-up to inform the victims of the progress and activities to be performed during and after the demolition, as well as inform them of the options they victims have for a reconstruction or the acquisition of a new residence.

Currently, the Ministry of Public Works is woking on the demolition on Coquimbo 911, Gustavo A. Madero borough; and Génova 33, in the Cuauhtémoc borough. Moreover, they are finishing dismantling the heliport located in Nuevo León 238, also in the Cuautémoc borough.


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