22 | ABR | 2019
The General willing to debate
General Salvador Cienfuegos - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

The General willing to debate

Mexico City
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The General willing to debate

During the presentation of the book "The Army and the Mexican Air Force in the 21st Century, Another Point of View," written by Arturo Ávila, most of the comments became praise for the work performed by the armed forces. However, we're told that the Minister of the National Defense, General Salvador Cienfuegos, wasn't lured by the siren song. “It's not my role to play down some things, or say they are not so because, like Arturo said, the book provides verifiable, provable numbers; which, if any is interested, can be matched, debated, or discussed, since they are open sources and I think this is the merit,” said the General. And, we've been tolf, that the gave a very important signal for anyone willing to debate.

Who will restrain the “Jaguar”?

We're told that after Armando Ríos Piter appeared before the Federal Electoral Court of the Judicial Branch to request a trial and see his political rights respected – and appear on the ballot this July 1st – he invited some of his followers, who showed up to support him, and who met yesterday's afternoon to tend to the “matter.” Our sources say that Mr. Armando and his team have several activities planned regarding the possible rulings of the magistrates, and it was even heard – as the worst-kept secret – that he will begin a tour across the Mexican Republic. As a joke, some wonder who will dare restrain the “Jaguar” if Mr. Armando is left out of the ballot in the end.

The final stretch of the Senate, with no anti-corruption

“Farewell,” “Goodbye,” “See you next Legislature,” are some of the phrases you can hear nowadays from the Senators regarding the pending issues of the National Anti-Corruption System. Our sources explain that the Senate, chaired by legislator Ernesto Cordero (of the conservative National Action Party) didn't have time to make the calls for the contest to appoint the General Prosecutor of the Mexican Republic, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor or the Anti-Corruption Magistrates. After Easter Sunday, the final countdown of the Congress begins and the only ones whose attendance is compulsory are two commissioners and two honorary councilors of the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI); four honorary councilors of the Radio Broadcast Public System; and four members of the Torture Prevention Mechanism. These charges will be allowed to be approved with reduced majorities, due to the high levels of absenteeism among legislators, according to our sources.

Meade and the Holy Week

And because the Holy Week is a solemn commemoration, the one who is staying out of the spotlight – or at least said so – is José Antonio Meade who today, Good Friday, and Saturday will not participate in public activities because he says it's bad luck to go against the traditions. Yet early on Easter Sunday, he will travel to Mérida to launch his campaign properly, that is, “as God intended.”


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