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Mexico will regulate cryptocurrency and digital wallets
Banxico has released the rules that digital equity companies must follow, as part of its fintech law
Civil organizations demand efficient strategies against femicide
After being ignored by the current administration, they are hoping to get in contact with the incoming government to discuss femicide
CNET: Mayan Train likely to jeopardize tourism in Mexico
According to Pablo Azcárraga, chairman of CNET, tourist taxes cannot be used to pay for the train
Walmart to start selling gasoline in Mexico
The self-service chain will sell gasoline in Tabasco, Nuevo León, Veracruz, and the State of Mexico
AMLO calls for public consultation on Mexico City’s New International Airport
The $13 billion-dollar hub will be subject to public consultation, Mexico's President-elect said
Gasoline in Mexico: More expensive than in the U.S.
Since last year, Mexico's gasoline prices have increased by over 20% while U.S. prices are decreasing
Mexico offers USD$1.6 million for information on drug lord Nemesio Oseguera
Known as "El Mencho," Nemesio Oseguera has been declared public enemy No. 1 in the United States
Elba Esther might go back to jail
She has a pending investigation against her for money laundering
Mexico and the US will fight drug cartels together
The joint effort comes as a surprise since the relationship has been rocky since Donald Trump became President
Mexico is the biggest polluter in Latin America
The biggest polluter is public transport, followed by the energy industry, and factories
Young Mexican cyclists want to be among the best at the World Junior Track  Cycling Championship 2018
English Mexican cyclists will compete at the World Junior Track Cycling Championship, in Switzerland
ITESM students develop self-defense jacket for women
English ITESM students have designed a jacket prototype that emits electric shocks to potential agressors
First Global Challenge robotics competition starts in Mexico City
English The First Global Challenge gathers high school students from 160 countries to face tech challenges
Japanese group ‘Wasabi’ to perform in Mexico City
English The Japanese group 'Wasabi' brings together the best of Japan's musical tradition and pop music
The documentary archive of Octavio Paz to become an artistic monument
English The archive and collection of Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz will be used as an artistic monument
'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin passes away
English Mexican singer Juan Gabriel recorded a song with Aretha Franklin shortly before his passing
IPN students turn polluted water into fuel
English Two female students from IPN have developed a prototype to purify blackwater and produce clean fuel
World's #1 chef to host charity dinner in Mexico
English Massimo Bottura runs Food for Soul, a charity to help communities in need
Mexican horror film “Inquilinos” awarded in the USA
English The movie won for the Best Film and Best Actress categories in the Something Wicked 2018 festival
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in Moscow
English Frida Kahlo has become a world-wide phenomenon, her work is currently in Hungary and London
Mexican chef triumphs in Paris with haute cuisine restaurant
English Enrique Casarrubias opened Oxte, a haute cuisine restaurant that mixes Mexican and French gastronomy
Mexico exchange rate for today
English Daily exchange rate for Mexico to US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Yen
Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita won a landslide victory giving him a second term to try to turn back a surge in ethnic and Islamist militant violence
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has doubled down on his challenge to the US by strengthening relations with Russia, Iran, and China, despite the economic sanctions that have plunged the Turkish lira to its worst level against the dollar in nearly
Young Mexican entrepreneur Daniel Reza Barrientos sets to reclaim the culture of cacao in our country
“STEM is the path to well-being”, notes founder and president, Graciela Rojas, in the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science