27 | MAY | 2019
Fire blazes in Valle de Bravo
Fire in Valle de Bravo - Photo: Courtesy

Fire blazes in Valle de Bravo

Claudia González & Rebeca Jiménez Jacinto
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Last Saturday, a fire broke out in the magic town of Valle de Bravo, blazing 100 hectares of green areas

Last Saturday, a fire broke out around 14:00 hours in the magic town of Valle de Bravo, located in the State of Mexico, blazing 100 hectares of surrounding green areas, according to local reports.

Works to put out the forest fire concluded on Sunday, according to the statement made by the Governor of the State, Alfredo del Mazo, on his Twitter account:

“The fire was fully controlled thanks to the emergency response groups; 100 hectares have been affected, 90% of meadows, 9% of new growths, and 1% of mature trees.”

The General Prosecutor's Office of the State of Mexico has launched an investigation to determine the causes of the fire and assess whether it was natural or man-made.

However, local authorities venture the fire could have been caused by human error during a garbage incineration operation but no further information has been provided in this regard.

Valle de Bravo was brimming with visitors, national and foreign, due to the May 1st holiday, who watched on in anger, fear, and concern, as the flames engulfed the vegetation.

Yet, authorities ask visitors and locals to avoid the area and report further incidents to the national emergency number 911.

“We will immediately launch a reforestation campaign to recover the green areas, as well as a prevention one so we know how to look after our woods.” Shared on another tweet Governor Del Mazo.


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