Enrique Carbajal honored for 50-year art career

“La torre del caballito” is his most famous sculpture
“La torre del caballito” - Photo: Fernando Villa del Ángel (back) and Enrique Carbajal “Sebastián” - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL (front)
Mexico City
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Mexican sculptor Enrique Carbajal, "Sebastian," was honored for his 50-year art career by Mexico's Ministry of Tourism last month.

"I promise that I will not disappoint you. I will continue creating things for Mexico and for the world" said the sculptor.

The Ministry of Tourism through the National Trust Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur), rendered the award to the Mexican artist.

At the ceremony, Enrique de la Madrid, Secretary of Tourism (SECTUR) emphasized that thanks to Sebastian's craft, Mexico "has pieces of art that lift the name of our country on high."

Miguel Alonso Reyes, General Director of Fonatur, acknowledged the contribution of the sculptor to the tourism sector highlighting the "aesthetic pleasure which embodies his multiple works of art."

On Twitter, SECTUR wrote in Spanish: "Among the works of the master Sebastian is the famous "Flor de Desarrollo", emblematic Fonatur rosette."

Sebastián (born Enrique Carbajal González on November 15, 1947) is a Mexican sculptor best known for his monumental works of steel and concrete in both Mexico and abroad.

His sculptures embellish several states in Mexico, such as Nuevo León, Tabasco, Morelos, Guerrero, Chiapas, and Michoacán while outside the country, his monumental sculptures can be found in cities such as Kingston, Buenos Aires, Havana, Montevideo, Río de Janeiro, Albuquerque, Denver, New York, Bern, Hakone, Nagoya, and Osaka.

“El caballito de Sebastián” also know as “La torre del caballito” located in downtown Mexico City is his most famous piece.

His work is based on scientific disciplines such as mathematics and geometry, with nuances of topology and crystallography, developing a style called “emotional geometry.”


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