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Mexico’s natural gas production is in crisis
In the last seven years, Mexico's natural gas production dropped 28% while gas imports reached record levels
MORENA deputy proposes translation of legal ordinances into indigenous languages
The deputy Norma Xóchitl Hernández Colín will seek to address the needs of the indigenous people in the federal sphere
Sargassum could be used by the pharmaceutical and food industries
The sargassum accumulation phenomenon in the Caribbean has its origin in climate change
Elba Esther's two accomplices will be free soon
The two co-accused, charged with the alleged diversion of MXN $1978,393,241, will follow Gordillo's steps to be free
AMLO to expand Mayan train through public-private partnership
Today, President-elect AMLO talked about his austerity plan and the expansion of the Mayan train project
Solar Power Mexico will bring over 100 companies from Europe, United States, China and Latin America to Mexico
Mysterious manatee deaths in Mexico
At least 28 West Indian manatees have been found dead since May in Tabasco
Mexico is one of the cheapest countries to buy gadgets in Latin America
The analysis focuses on key products and countries where buying technology is a growing trend in e-commerce
Quality seed and adequate regulation, the key for agro-alimentary self-sufficiency
Mexico is working to achieve an effective regulation and for the farmers to have all the necessary tools to carry out their work and to become competitive
Mental illness: A ground for discrimination
One out of every four Mexicans between 18-65 years old have suffered a mental illness, but very few get treated
Mexican nanosatellite evaluated by NASA for space mission
English The Mexican nanosatellite AzTechSat-1 was developed by students and academics from the UPAEP
Tribute to the Mexican state of Veracruz charms audiences in Toronto
English The Mexican Cultural House in Toronto payed tribute to the dance and popular culture of Veracruz
 Indigenous artist won't paint in Europe because of the lack of support
English Triqui artist can't show his art in Europe because of the lack of resources and support
Mexican cyclist wins bronze in mountain biking
English Ulloa won several medals in Barranquilla 2018
Japanese food festival in Mexico City
English You will enjoy sake, Japanese beer, kawaii desserts, ramen, and more!
Mexican students develop bracelet to help the visually impaired
English Thebracelet intends to help them become self-sufficient and not depend on someone else
"Fashion + Tech by Machina" brings couture and technology together
English MACHINA,a brand founded by Mexican designer, Linda Lobato, that incorporates technology and fashion
‘Chile en Nogada’ to obtain designation of origin
English The famous Mexican dish 'chile en nogada' is a success in Germany, China, Japan, and California
Mexican scientists create Eco-friendly cement out of industrial waste
English The Polymeric Ash System (PAS) is made out of paper, coal, marble, and styrofoam waste
Mexican Cajeta: A success in America
English 'Cajeta' exports to 15 different countries generated 2,097,000 dollars, according to SIAP
Mexican neurologists raise multiple sclerosis awareness through Wikipedia
English Neurologists will update and create articles on multiple sclerosis through the online encyclopedia
Daily exchange rate for Mexico to US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Yen
English Daily exchange rate for Mexico to US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Yen
Colombia’s President-elect Iván Duque Márquez took office on Tuesday, opening a new chapter in the South American nation with potential consequences for its peace process, the crisis in neighboring Venezuela and regional stability
Young Mexican entrepreneur Daniel Reza Barrientos sets to reclaim the culture of cacao in our country
“STEM is the path to well-being”, notes founder and president, Graciela Rojas, in the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science