EL UNIVERSAL honors the 102 Women Leaders in Mexico Forum

Politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, actresses, academics...EL UNIVERSAL has gathered 102 outstanding women in Mexico who have left an important mark in their chosen fields
EL UNIVERSAL honors the 102 Women Leaders in Mexico Forum
102 Women Leaders in Mexico Forum - Photo: Sofía Danis/EL UNIVERSAL in English
Newsroom/EL UNIVERSAL in English
Mexico City
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It’s a chilly Thursday morning and there’s a sense of expectation at the lobby of EL UNIVERSAL. It’s 8:00 and the catering tables are already set, the servers stand on the sides, ready to offer coffee, cookies, orange juice or bottled water to the few guests that have already arrived. Yet the guests seem more concerned with trying to stay away from the draft of cool air that slips through the entrance of the building where a pink carpet has been laid to welcome the 102 Women Leaders in Mexico.

Shortly after 8:15 the action begins. Politicians, archaeologists, actresses, and entrepreneurs begin to arrive and the lobby is suddenly alive with flashes of cameras, with voices calling “Here, look over here, please!” as the women make a pause, smile, and then walk to join the rest of the group.

Inside some of the guests quickly find their peers and engage in lively conversations, others remain near the entrance as the journalists size the moment to ask them questions, and others are happy mingling with old and new acquaintances...by now coffee flows freely.

In a few moments, they will call them all for the group photo.

Once the group photo was ready, the women clapped joyously and headed to a special breakfast hosted by leading Mexican newspaper EL UNIVERSAL.

The honorees were enjoying the breakfast among laughter, small talk, while a series of speeches were being given by some of the over 155 women leaders who attended this year's event, as well as the hosts of the event, Ms. Pearly Díaz de Ealy, President of MAEPEC A.C.and Mr. Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz, President and Director General of EL UNIVERSAL daily, respectively.

Ms. Perla Díaz de Ealy during the opening speech of 102 Women Leaders in Mexico Forum - Photo: Lucía Godínez

Director General and President of EL UNIVERSAL dailyJuan Francisco Ealy Ortiz hosted the third edition of the 102 Women Leaders in Mexico Forum in Mexico City with a speech aimed at denouncing gender gap issues still lived by a larger part of women in our country as well as inviting the distinguished guests to empathize with the current cause.

President and Director General Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz during his speech at 102 Women Leaders in Mexico Forum in Mexico City - Photo Lucía Godínez/ EL UNIVERSAL 

Accomplished Women of all backgrounds
As guests were welcomed to offer some words including their experience as women, professionals, workers, colleagues and citizens in our country, we can see an excited María Gloria Sánchez Gómez, Mayoress of Oxchuc in the south-eastern state of Chiapas, welcomed the forum’s inclusiveness towards indigenous women speakers and their cause, as well as EL UNIVERSAL’s platform to display multiple visions, thoughts, and concerns women in the whole of the Republic face on a daily basis.

Boxer Jackie Nava Mouett at the Pink Carpet of EL UNIVERSAL in Mexico City - Tweet taken from @JACKIENAVA_of 

This year's edition also featured Mexico sports figures of the likes of diver María José Alcalá and boxer Jackie Nava Mouett  who revelled in the company offered by accomplished women in the various fields of knowledge in Mexico, such as Marcela Zapata, archaeologist,  Concepción Company,  philologist, Diana Ramírez, Head of Sales Twitter Mexico, Dalia Pascal, jewelry designer.
International guests such as Thailand Ambassador to Mexico, Rommanee Kananurakamong, was also among the 155 distinguished guests of 102 Women Leaders in Mexico Forum.

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