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EL UNIVERSAL, a diverse forum

EL UNIVERSAL has sent invitations to all four presidential candidates so the electorate is able to know, in detail, each candidate's plans to tackle Mexico's most pressing concerns
EL UNIVERSAL, a diverse forum
Main offices of EL UNIVERSAL in Mexico City - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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How can we become familiar with the candidates running for President of the Mexican Republic outside controlled environments, where points of view can be given more naturally?

Electoral laws allow electronic media to literally flood us with campaign advertisements. These are well-structured spots, made by professionals, in which every little detail is carefully tended to so the candidates can shine.

There are also controlled environments at public squares. Candidates already know which topics they will be discussing and they have usually practiced their speech in advance. It's even worth asking: how many attendants to political rallies do so out of a true interest for the candidate and their proposals, and how many are there only because their attendance was required by the leader of their union, organization, or committee?

Usually, every word and gesture are the product of rehearsals and recommendations of image advisors and communication experts.

Encounters with the media are, therefore, a better opportunity to meet the candidates more spontaneously.

This Monday, EL UNIVERSAL presents the first in a series of forums with the presidential candidates. The candidate Margarita Zavala replied to specific questions asked by columnists of this news outlet on diverse topics, such as security, economy, marihuana legalization, and the construction of the new airport.

This news outlet has sent invitations to the rest of the candidates so they can participate in similar exercises, such as forums, a debate, and a contribution with an article so the electorate is able to know in detail the plan of the candidates to tackle our most pressing concerns, like insecurity, poverty, and an absence of rule of law.

The political diversity which has been a distinguishing feature of EL UNIVERSAL for decades is what sets the line of this newspaper for the 2018 General Election.

Our doors are open and our pages are ready so the candidates can share their ideas and projects.

One of the four candidates will be responsible for leading this country and its 125 million people for the next six years. Beyond campaign advertisements and staged environments, we need to hear them and question them all.


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