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Earthquake at the PAN

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Margarita Zavala, aspiring Presidential candidate – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Earthquake at the PAN

In almost fourth decades, the National Action Party (PAN) didn't suffer a schism, a political earthquake, like the one they're going through in 2017, under the leadership of Ricardo Anaya, who has seized the party to seek the presidential candidacy. In 1976, the PAN suffered a terrible split: they had three national leaders and no candidate to the presidency. However, we're told they never hurled the insults young Mr. Anaya is fueling now. The expression of Anaya's rule will forever be immortalized in the mouth of Senator Ernesto Ruffo, who equaled the possible resignation of Margarita Zavala to “pus” oozing out of the PAN. And of course, the response of Felipe Calderón: “Ruffo expresses quite well the intellectual level, the moral stature, the height of the debate, and the democratic tolerance of whatever remains of the party.” And not the political kind. The imminent split of the PAN, we've been told, will brand – for the wrong reasons – the period of an obscure politician – in many senses. How deep will the split run?

Quarrel in the PAN shocks...the PRD!

The members of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) are shocked by the epic infighting of the National Action Party (PAN), their partners in the Citizen's Front for Mexico. The exchange of accusations and discredits between the senators loyal to the national leader Ricardo Anaya, and the so-called rebel senators, together with the possible exit of Margarita Zavala from the party and the legendary and sexist insults hurled by senator and former PAN governor Ernesto Ruffo against the former first lady, have managed to shock the PRD members – who know a good deal about internal fights. “And they said we were the troublesome bunch,” said an astounded high-ranking member of the national leadership of the PRD.

Calzada advertises with tragedy

There is an advertisement stench coming from the new video of the Agriculture Secretary, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) member Jozé Calzada, who uploaded the video to his Twitter account. The video depicts painful images from the September 7 quake to illustrate his speech, where he talks about the work he did. Calzada boasts he arrived early in the morning of September 8 in Oaxaca. Mr. José could say it's just a video for information purposes, but the background music and the handling of images make it look like a campaign spot. Perhaps Mr. Calzada still believes he has possibilities to become the PRI's presidential candidate?

Graco's “pot”

He's just left behind the scandal over the donations for the earthquake victims – his team says it was all orchestrated on social networks – and he's already embroiled in the next. According to our sources, some of the presidents of local communities are worried, mainly those of the Social Encounter Party in Cuernavaca, Zacatepec and Jojutla, because the governor of Morelos, Graco Ramírez, has “agreed” with the local administrations to create a fund to rebuild the state...with the federal resources coming from the Contributions Fund for Social Infrastructure. Regardless of using the money from this Fund, they claim Graco wants to use the resources of the Federation and set up a “pot” to provide resources to the citizen's of his state, making it look as if this were a donation coming from the state itself. Is this guy for real?


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