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The crystal gem in the heart of Toluca

The “Cosmovitral”, one of the largest stained glass works in the work, is an interpretation of humanity and our relationship with the universe
Cosmovitral Botanical Garden – Photo: Alan Carranza/EL UNIVERSAL
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Mexico City
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The Cosmovitral Botanical Garden is one of the most popular attractions of Toluca, the capital city of the State of Mexico, located at about 67.7 km at the southwest of Mexico City.

Comprised by 71 stained glass modules for a total length of 3000 meters, the Cosmovitral (from the Spanish words “cosmo” meaning “universe” and “vitral” meaning “stained glass”) is the work of Mexican artist Leopoldo Flores, and opened to the public on July 5, 1980, according to the official website of the state in Spanish.

The theme of the artist's work is man and his relationship with the universe, depicted as the journey of mankind through the cosmic cycle and exploring the dualities of day-night, life-death, and creation-destruction.

(Cosmovitral Botanical Garden – Photo: Alan Carranza/EL UNIVERSAL)

Yet this amazing work of stained glass isn't the only thing there is to see here.

The building housing this magnificent work was originally commissioned in 1909 to become the market of Toluca, and served as a trading center until 1975, when local authorities decided to make it a botanical garden.

It currently has close to 400 plant species from different regions of Mexico, Africa, Asia, and Center and South America.

(Cosmovitral Botanical Garden – Photo: Alan Carranza/EL UNIVERSAL)

It's rarest species is the chiranthodendron pentadactylon, better known as the "Tree of the little hands" in Mexico (Hand-flower tree or Devil's or Monkey0s tree in English) due to the shape of its distinctive red flowers, which bears a resemblance to human hands.

This species is native to Guatemala and southern Mexico, thus not common in the center region of Toluca.

Entrance fee is MXN$10 per adult and MXN$5 for children and guided tours are available at the venue.


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