Creator of Coco's signature guitar to be honored

In Mexico's capital for the manufacture of stringed instruments, Paracho
Paracho Mayor Marisol Castro Baca - Photo: Carlos Arrieta/EL UNIVERSAL
Carlos Arrieta
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Handcrafted guitar pieces will festoon Paracho's townhall while the Indigenous Children's Choir of Paracho will sing harmoniously during a celebration honoring master luthier German Vázquez Rubio, international guitarist, and creator of Coco's signature guitar.

Paracho Mayor Marisol Castro Baca, told EL UNIVERSAL that this celebration is a way of thanking Los Ángeles master luthier German Vázquez Rubio since Paracho has seen a boom in guitar sales following the worldwide success of “Coco.”

"It was pleasant news that the creator of Coco's signature guitar is from Paracho. All the guitar makers and luthiers have benefited from the film's success," she assured.

Marisol Castro informed that the town council has already contacted Vázquez Rubio and that the tribute is scheduled for Thursday, February 18, 2018.

Paracho Mayor said that Germán Vázquez is willing to travel to his hometown to receive the homage and boost Paracho even more.

Visitors will be able to meet Los Ángeles master luthier German Vázquez Rubio and take pictures with the original guitar, assured Marisol Castro.

It should be noted that German Vazquez Rubio has not had any inconvenience regarding the reproduction of the guitar, yet guitar manufacturers, craftsmen, and luthiers have been careful not to make identical replicas of the model featured in the film, disclosed Paracho Mayor Marisol Castro Baca.

“Coco” has now brought Paracho's craftsmen global fame and booming sales.



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