The constraints of America F.C. and its major peers

The truth is that there is an alarming lack of negotiating skills on behalf of the senior staff responsible for transfers and signings
Players of América F.C. team up prior to a match - Photo: Imago7 Sports Photo Agency
Mexico City
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There have been way too many explanations to the financial crisis surrounding América Football Club, many words uttered on the constraints that have stricken the team and which, surely, have not been pleasant to hear for its owner Emilio Azcárraga, as his employees have constantly reiterated a lack of money to produce successful transfers. The truth is that there is an alarming lack of negotiating skills on behalf of the senior staff responsible for those transfers.

Besides, America F.C. is far from having a meager roster of players, as it is still among the eight better-prized football clubs in the country. While it seems the intent is to fool and mislead its followers with this argument, its roster remains very competitive in the market (only well below champion, Tigres F.C.) at little under USD$10m from Monterrey "Rayados" Football Club.

Truth is that the expectations towards the roster of the America Football Club are always aimed at striving for a championship with or without any additional reinforcements, despite this the management seems determined to hire just anybody just to comply with the requirements of keeping a reinforcement during the winter market, its enough to see that the three players transferred from Tijuana "Xolos" F.C. didn’t meet up to their followers expectations. It seems that the top management wishes to indulge its followers instead of coming up with proper planning for the benefit of the team.

With regard to Cruz Azul F.C., one has to admit that its top management is, yet again, making a great effort to build a competitive team worthy of a championship competition. An additional signing to provide Pedro Caixinha with a larger roster is still expected.  

Cruz Azul F.C. wins Toluca FC on Dec 2017 – Photo taken from @Cruz_Azul_FC

The scenario with Pumas F.C. remains a disastrous one. Even though they have obtained a couple of successful results during the preseason, the reinforcements transferred to the team cannot certainly be assured given their unsteady history in Mexico football and for the lack of activity, they kept in their teams of origin.

Pumas F.C. wins Zacatepec FC on Dec 2017 – Photo taken from @PumasMX

Lastly, Chivas F.C. seems to be restating the blunders of the last season, when shortly after winning the Mexico League Championship they failed to announce any new transfers or signings. Though they have kept, Rodolfo Cota and equipped themselves with both Gael Sandoval and Ronaldo Cisneros, it seems that its manager, Matías Almeyda, was unable to receive a major reinforcement, who would ideally provide the team with immediate ease and not only the hope of a couple of good prospects.

Chivas F.C. players train for upcoming 2018 season in Guadalajara - Photo taken from
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