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Migrant camps overflow in Mexico amidst Trump threats
Mexico is backpedaling on promises of better treatment for Central American migrants, leaving hundreds stranded in unsanitary camps near its southern border and allegations of irregular detentions
The army will protect Calakmul, an ancient Maya city and tropical forest
Calakmul encompasses a tropical forest and an ancient city but it has been looted by criminals for years
An uncertain future for victims of human trafficking in Mexico
“There’s no money except from my pocket,” said the 65-year-old, who has had an armed bodyguard since one trafficker came to the shelter demanding to see the woman he had exploited
Thousands feared at risk after Mexico reforms HIV+ regime
López Obrador announced a clutch of reforms, some of which could have a serious impact on patients living with HIV
INE officials still make more than the President
Around 100 INE officials have gained temporary or definitive provisions for 'amparo' appeals against the Federal Remunerations Law
President López Obrador suspends Peña Nieto's education reform
The President said the education reform didn't translate into the improvement of the quality of public education
Arrest warrant issued against former Governor who ordered the torture of journalist Lydia Cacho
Lydia Cacho released a book denouncing a pederasty and pedophilia network, where Kamel Nacif was involved
Mexican government to create a 'Robin Hood' institute
The institute would return wealth and property seized from criminals to the people
U.S. business leaders and officials show support to Mexico
Mexican and U.S. business leaders are urging Donald Trump to drop steel tariffs and stop threatening a shutdown at the border
Mexico City: At least 8 sex crimes reported every day
The areas with the most reports were Cuauhtémoc, Miguel Hidalgo, Benito Juárez, Venustiano Carranza, and Iztacalco
Yalitza Aparicio, a bold feminist activist
Yalitza Aparicio has vowed to fight for the rights of Indigenous women and domestic workers, who are often discriminated
16.8% of internet users in Mexico have experienced some form of cyberbullying
INEGI: Adolescents and young people are particularly vulnerable to cyberbullying and harassment
Mexico’s top 10 dirtiest beaches
English Today we bring you a list of beaches to avoid during Mexico's Holy Week vacation period
NFL Monday Night Football to be held at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City
English A match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers will be held in Mexico City
Virgin of Guadalupe mosaic unscathed after Notre Dame fire
English The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris went up in flames on Monday and suffered severe damage
Yucatán inhabitants build walls along the beach to keep locals away
English According to neighbors, this wall would “privatize” a part of the beach, which is illegal
Scimitar-toothed cats also lived in Mexico, study shows
English The scimitar-toothed cat was previously thought to be endemic to the U.S.
López Obrador and Yalitza, among the 100 most influential people according to TIME magazine
English This year, the TIME 100 list includes two Mexicans: Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Yalitza Aparicio
Girl Power: Mexican students triumph at Mathematical Olympiad
English Interior Minister Olga Sánchez congratulated the students on their achievement
Mexican dancer Elisa Carrillo nominated for 'Benois de la Danse' prize
English Elisa Carrillo Cabrera became the prima ballerina of the Staatsballett Berlin in 2011
Yale University returns ancient Maya steale to Mexico
English The piece, an ancient Maya steale, was delivered to the Mexican consulate in New York
Antonieta Rivas, the Mexican writer who died in Notre Dame
English Yesterday, there was a fire at the emblematic Parisian cathedral, which destroyed a large part of it
Mexican soap reboot ‘Cuna de lobos’ to feature gay couple
English Mexican TV producer Giselle González will reboot the classic 'telenovela' "Cuna de Lobos"
Los Tucanes de Tijuana perform at Coachella 2019
English The Mexican band gained notoriety after the “Chona challenge” went viral
In late 2018, the case caused turmoil and confusion after a judge in Quintana Roo refused to issue an arrest warrant against the four men accused by Lydia Cacho