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Taxes might lessen savings generated by AMLO’s wage cuts
According to an analysis made by specialists, tax losses from wage cuts would be of 18,976 million
Mexico to host Pacific Alliance meeting
The Business Meeting will convene more than 250 high-level entrepreneurs from Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Mexico
Public wage cuts to spark wave of ‘amparo’ appeals
Legal experts predict that AMLO's austerity measures will cause high officials to file 'amparo' appeals
Mexican car theft detection app introduces new features
The smartphone app ChecAuto MX, created by the CNS, will introduce a Vehicular Risk Zone detection
Starbucks to donate 3 million coffee trees to Mexican coffee growers
From July 9 to September 30, Starbucks will donate a percentage of their sales for the purchase of coffee plants
AMLO’s energy agenda will prioritize local fuel production
Mexico’s next energy agenda will prioritize increasing gasoline and diesel production, according to Rocío Nahle
AMLO wants to live in Mexico City’s National Palace
López Obrador insisted that he wouldn’t live or work in Los Pinos, the Presiden't current official residence
35, 559 officials earn more than AMLO will
5, 559 public servants earn much more than AMLO ever will. Here's the list
Mexico to sell bananas in China
According to SENASICA, Mexico could begin exporting bananas to China by the end of August
Mexican DJs to perform in Tomorrowland
English World-famous artists such as Mr. Pig, Tom & Collins, and Le Twins will perform in Belgium
Mexican athlete wins gold at Tae Kwon Do competition
English Daniela Rodríguez won the gold medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games of 2018
The shape of water… on the Moon
English Large amounts of water have been found on the Moon and NASA has an ambitious exploration project
Mexico’s CND to present gay-themed ballet for kids
English The new ballet "King and King" is based on a children's book about two princes who fall in love
Scientists from UNAM develop sustainable PET degradation method
English The scientists have developed a new simple and efficient chemical process to regenerate PET products
English The festival is meant to boost the economy of Morelos, which was deeply affected by the earthquake
Inspark: The first virtual reality park in Mexico City
English Inspark will open on Saturday, offering a virtual reality experience that will blow your mind
Mexico beats the U.S. at the Under-19 World Football Championship
English Yesterday, Mexico beat the U.S. 33-6 at the University Olympic Stadium in Mexico City
 Alfonso Cuarón's "Roma", the New York Film Festival's centerpiece
English “Roma” will be released through Netflix
Huichol art set to break a Guinness Record
English The Wixárika community is on its way to win a Guinness Record
The Aztecs in Germany
English The Linden Museum is preparing a high profile show about the Pre-Hispanic civilization
Mexico-Laos: A young, yet strong bilateral relation
English In an interview with Mr. Mai Sayavongs, Ambassador of Laos to the United States with current accreditation to Mexico, we discussed a bilateral relation of more than 40 years, trade possibilities, and culture
Young Mexican entrepreneur Daniel Reza Barrientos sets to reclaim the culture of cacao in our country
“STEM is the path to well-being”, notes founder and president, Graciela Rojas, in the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science