Barrales and Juan Osorio, a soap opera campaign

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Alejandra Barrales - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Barrales and Juan Osorio, a soap opera campaign

Soap opera producer Juan Osorio is also capable of making dreams come true for some politicians. This seems to be the case of the candidate running for Mayor of Mexico City of the coalition For Mexico to the Front, Alejandra Barrales. Our sources say Mr. Juan is coordinating the production of some tv spots for Barrales, at the same time he is working on a soap opera. But don't you dare think Osorio and Ms. Alejandra mix fiction and politics, not at all! The first version of this story, according to our sources, is that the producer is involved in the campaign of Barrales. However, we've been told Mr. Juan is only in charge of making sure the production of the upcoming tv advertisements is a success for the candidate. Yet the team of Barrales claims Juan is not, certainly not, the image coordinator of the former national leader of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD). Will there be a happy ending for this campaign plot of a soap opera?

No expiration date for rebuttal?

For the second day, the Supreme Court of Justice will continue the discussion of the legislation on the right of rebuttal, brought before the court by the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) and the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD). According to our sources, the project of Minister Javier Laynez is positive and libertarian, and unlike what the parties sought, it considers the right of rebuttal doesn't apply to true information, even when it causes a serious grievance. However, there are still some items which have called the attention of many, for instance, the fact that the right of rebuttal request will no longer have an expiration date, as it currently does. This legislation will enter into force this year and shall rule the media coverage both, in print and online. In this part of the debate, we're told, it's highly important to know whether one of the ministers changes their posture in order to be in the good graces of a certain party.

The price Gabriela Cuevas will have to pay

Next February 1, when the ordinary term of the Senate begins, we could witness the first consequence of the decision of Senator Gabriela Cuevas of leaving the conservative National Action Party (PAN) and joining Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Ms. Gabriela is currently the chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Commision and even though to remove her from her post and appoint someone else the full approval of the Plenum is needed, this is a post reserved for the PAN, reason why it wouldn't be hard to make the necessary changes. We're told this position has been greatly sought-after by her former fellow members, the senators Laura Rojas and Mariana Gómez del Campo. Thus, our sources say that part of the price the Senator shall have to pay is to be left outside the Commission, together with the loss of benefits this would entail.

PAN scolds candidate

There was an epic ear pull for Renán Barrera, running for Mayor of Mérida. We're told that the National Executive Committee of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) was pretty upset when they learned Mr. Renán was pulled over by the police and failed to pass the breath alcohol tests, an episode which ended with Mr. Renán being arrested for driving while intoxicated. He was emphatically requested, we were told, to look after the image of the party as it isn't acceptable that someone aspiring to a public office makes these mistakes – which can cost many votes. He was asked to be wise and careful, as attitudes such as these could make him lose his candidacy.


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