Argentina searches for missing submarine

The ARA San Juan has been missing since Wednesday, but satellite calls are source of hope
A British ice patrol ship , the Protector, was dispatched to help in the search operations – Photo by AP
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The Argentinian Navy has sounded the maximum alert and has widened the search area as they look for submarine ARA San Juan with 44 crew members, missing since Wednesday in the Atlantic Ocean, in front of the coasts of the Patagonia.

According to the Ministry of Defense, seven failed satellite calls were detected on Saturday which may have belonged to the vessel, but the Navy hasn't been successful in locating it so far.

“We're not only reinforcing the search on the water surface, we're also prioritizing the search underwater,” said Admiral Gabriel González during a press conference.

The submarine departed from Ushuaia on November 13 but all contact with the submarine was lost on Wednesday. Weather conditions hindered search operations yesterday, but according to weather forecasts, conditions are expected to improve today.

“We're in coordination with the United States and the United Kingdom,” added the Admiral, discussing the search efforts undertaken.

The Navy does “not discard any hypothesis,” while relatives of the crew members await news as they receive psychological help.


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