Andrés Manuel Jr., chief vote defender

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Andrés Manuel Jr, chief vote defender
Andrés Manuel López Beltrán – Photo: Courtesy
Mexico City
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Andrés Manuel Jr, chief vote defender

The chief political operator of presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) made his star appearance in Mexico City. We're told that Andrés Manuel López Beltrán, AMLO's son, was present at the campaign events of the candidate. A relevant fact, according to our sources, is that young Andy – as those close to him call him – is the one in charge of overlooking the operation of the concentrations in the capital of the country. And in addition to organization tasks, Mr. Andrés Manuel assigned his son one more: uncover the operation of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) for an alleged vote purchase during the elections this July 1st. As part of his mission, Junior will be in charge of defending the votes from the PRD thieves in Mexico City. Will López Beltrán go hunting?

AMLO & Anaya, and an upside-down world

The ranking of the four presidential candidates, according to the poll made by EL UNIVERSAL/Berumen, had two very different interpretations. The front-runner, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, didn't like it. Being almost 11 points above the second place, Ricardo Anaya, and almost 20 above the third, José Antonio Meade, isn't enough for AMLO. On the other hand, Mr. Rircardo celebrated the result; members of his campaign team claim the candidate was optimistic about the result. To the extent that the candidate was seen yesterday in a better mood. The challenge, according to Anaya supporters, is to pick up. An upside-down world indeed, where the first place grumbles and the second cheers.

Peña's message for Trump

We're told that the Presidency has been very careful in the way it handles the information regarding Mexico's actions on the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump. We're told that Sunday night, around 21:00, there was a long meeting with the President's Cabinet to analyze in detail the collaboration areas Mexico has with the United States. The Presidency only used two photographs in which neither the Minister of Defense or the Minister of the Navy appear – they only show the President, flanked by the Ministers of the Interior and of Foreign Affairs. That is, unlike Washington, the issue doesn't involve in any way military decisions.

There was no political profit: Álvarez Icaza

A few days ago we told you that Emilio Álvarez Icaza, the candidate of the Senate to the For Mexico to the Front coalition (PAN-PRD-MC) met with members of the migrant caravan. We told you that Mr. Emilio popped by to say hi to the participants, took photos with them, which he immediately uploaded to his social networks, and promised that if he made it to the Senate, he would fight to recover the traditions of union and asylum of our country. Yesterday, Álvarez Icaza sent a letter claiming that his attendance to the caravan had no electoral purposes. He added that the defense of human rights of migrants has always been a part of his life's agenda and that accompanying vulnerable groups in their fight is vital, and that the electoral process should neither dwarf nor hinder the defense of those seeking to have a decent life.


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