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Anaya, Barrales and the money

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Ricardo Anaya (left) & Alejandra Barrales (right) – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Anaya, Barrales, and the money for 2018

Amidst the storm in the National Action Party (PAN) due to the resignation of Margarita Zavala, the leaders of the Citizen's Front for Mexico, PAN member Ricardo Anaya and Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) member Alejandra Barrales, had a meeting at the University Club in Paseo de la Reforma to talk about a very serious issue for 2018: the budget package for the states governed by their respective parties. The meeting also had the attendance of their Parliament Coordinators in San Lázaro and, of course, the most interested in the cash flow, the governors of Baja California, Morelos, Tabasco, and Veracruz, in addition to the surprising attendance of the Mayor of Guadalajara, Enrique Alfaro. We're told PAN member Santiago Creel – who fate has appointed as the advisor of young Anaya – and the PRD member Jesús Zambrano were also there to talk about the budget in what is going to be a very important electoral year. Money is money, ladies and gentlemen!

Odebrecht and the battle for the spotlight

Our sources say PEMEX (Mexican Oil Company) thinks it's excellent that the Ministry of Public Administration reveals the new administrative irregularities found in the contract of an Odebrecht affiliate and a PEMEX official, for 2.5 million of Mexican pesos. However, we're told there seems to be some sort of bargaining. The detection of the contract irregularities was possible thanks to the collaboration between the oil company and the Ministry of Public Administration. They add that since the arrival of the current PEMEX CEO José Antonio González, the internal investigation processes have accelerated and the inquiries launched by the judicial branch of PEMEX have been vital in starting the sanction processes on the management of the Miguel Hidalgo oil refinery in Tula. Yet, this effort seems to be rather unpopular when it's time to turn on the spotlight and publish the article, they claim.

Senators asked to unpack their bags

As we informed you previously in this column, the trip of a Mexican delegation of senators to the 137 Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU) has been suspended. The Assembly is scheduled to take place from October 14 to 18 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Our sources say those who are definitely not going are Labour Party (PT) senator, David Monreal, and Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) Angélica de la Peña, who received the instruction to unpack their bags. On hold are the conservative National Action Party (PAN) senators, Ernesto Cordero, Laura Rojas, and Gabriela Cuevas, who is aiming to chair the UIP. It's a similar situation for fellow ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) senators Raúl Pozos and Marcela Guerra. Among other topics, the expenditure on times of austerity is the one weighing the most in this matter, considering they shall face strong criticism. Is Saint Petersburg worth the public beating?

Peña & Trudeau

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will receive this Thursday at the National Palace none other than Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. At the Presidential Residence, we're told the protocol to receive a Head of State will be followed, yet this will be exclusively a work meeting where several documents will be signed – no dinner before or afterwards. Trudeau will be at the National Palace shortly before 5:00 PM. The meeting is on the North American Free Trade Agreement talks.


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