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Analysts and columnists tell us who, in their opinion, won the second debate
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Analysts and columnists tell us who, in their opinion, won the second debate

Mexico City
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Columnists and journalists of EL UNIVERSAL share with us their opinion on which candidate won the presidential debate

José Antonio Meade, Ricardo Anaya, Jaime Rodríguez Calderon, and Andrés Manuel López Obrador were the presidential candidates who faced off during the second debate held in Tijuana. But who won the debate and why? Our columnists and journalists share their views on who had the best performance of the night:

Elisa Alanís

Winner: Andrés Manuel
Remark: Because polls won't change all that much. The proposal of Alicia Bárcena is good news. He seemed more attentive and engaged than in the previous debate. Although Meade improved from the first debate he won't go up all that much. He has failed to distance himself from Enrique Peña Nieto (now with the invitation Peña Nieto made to Trump in 2016.)

There were no surprises with Anaya. He lost credibility over inaccurate data.

El Bronco did poorly. And he repeated the “cut-off-hands” thing. An embarrassment.

Leonardo Curzio

Winner: No clear winner.
Remarks: The front-runner bet to the base on balls even though he didn't say anything remarkable but I don't think he lost. Anaya was emphatic but he failed to surprise and Meade, although he was more prepared, couldn't take advantage of his argumentative advantage, arising from his experience, to bridge the gap.

Salvador García Soto
Winner: No one won.
Remarks: Anaya is more articulate but López Obrador (although with occurrences) managed to defend himself. Meade was prepared but it wasn't enough; he was left out of the fight. And they ignored El Bronco; his populism stood out, however.

Gabriel Guerra
Winner: Meade
Remarks: Because he had a noticeable improvement regarding the first debate. He displayed a lot more energy and drive and he had a better mastery of the topics.
AMLO doesn't lose; he was careful and managed his advantages, addressed his public, didn't make mistakes and for the first time he fired back and used his humor.
Anaya loses because, although, strictly speaking, he had the best performance, he didn't live up to expectations. He got angry a couple of times and was needlessly aggressive, almost offensive, toward AMLO.

And El Bronco played El Bronco. He wins because he will surely get some extra points for his demagoguery.

Ana Paula Ordorica
Winner: Meade
Remarks: In the second presidential debate we saw three different levels. On one hand, there were José Antonio Meade and Ricardo Anaya, talking about present-day Mexico and proposals for the future, each according to their own style; on the other we saw Andrés Manuel López Obrador talking about an approach which has already been proved and shown to fail in last decades, such as self-sufficient energy and food industries; and lastly we have Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, whose role is so regrettable it's not even worth mentioning it.

It was known that José Antonio Meade mastered the topics of this debate: foreign policy, trade, and migration, and he was the one with the best answers and thus, the winner of the second debate, despite expectations that Anaya would repeat his victory. However, given how far behind he is faring in the polls, Meade's victory in this debate doesn't seem to be enough for him to recover in preferences. Anaya was the most organized and the one who used his time better during each intervention. López Obrador improved but it's still evident his strength is on the bandstand and not in a debate.

Ricardo Raphael

Winner: El Bronco
Remarks: All [the others] wanted to imitate him and be on his level.

Roberto Rock

Winner: Ricardo Anaya
Remarks: Once more, the candidate who offered a better image, in a mix between composure and sensibility, was Ricardo Anaya. If any of the candidates were to win significant points in the next polls, it would be this Querétaro politician. The question is how many more points will he go up. I think José Antonio Meade will also fare better. In both cases, their improvement will detract from López Obrador and Jaime Rodríguez. However, I saw a more confident AMLO in, perhaps, his best presidential debate. I don't think he'll plumett. The doubt is whether the numbers will close off or if the Tabasco native will clearly keep his lead in preferences.

Raúl Rodríguez

Winner: AMLO and Meade
Remarks: We've gotten lost in the how's and in the end what matters is the what. The one who clearly defined the second debate was AMLO. The crux of the matter, according to him, is in life and justice. To achieve this there is an entire spectrum of how's. Meade and Anaya focused on shuffling it. Meade was the most assertive, comfortable and determined. Anaya failed to impress people with his rhetoric; he came off as a demagogue. No one paid attention to the occurrences of El Bronco. I think AMLO and Meade won. “Canallita” lost.

Alfonso Zárate

Winner: Anaya
Remarks: Anaya was better prepared, it was a good move bringing out the bungle over the invitation of Donald Trump in 2016 and he came in with proposals. Meade handled the topics better given his experience as Chancellor. AMLO was right in saying the economy needs to be strengthened to stop migration.

Anaya may go up, AMLO will maintain his preferences, Meade, perhaps, will gain some points too. Yet the places 1-2-3 won't change. The fight is still for the second place.

José Antonio Crespo

Winner: Meade
Remarks: Meade, because he had a better performance regarding the first debate. He had more proposals, more information, and fewer insults.


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