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Alejandra Barrales has the go-ahead

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Alejandra Barrales and Beatriz Mojica – Photo by Ariel Ojeda/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Alejandra Barrales has the go-ahead

Alejandra Barrales has achieved the majority at the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) to start a series of walk-throughs across the boroughs of Mexico City to prepare for her eventual campaign, where she aims to run for Mayor to Mexico City, we're told. Several PRD governors, the current Mayor, Miguel Ángel Mancera, and all the PRD tribe have agreed that the national leader of the PRD and Senator should make a tour around the boroughs under the pretense of spreading the news about her party's approval to form a Wide Democratic Front for the upcoming 2018 General Elections. Apparently, the first walking tour will take place on September 9, and thus, it will also be known if Ms. Alejandra has enough strength to run for Mayor, in a coalition that so far includes the PRD, the conservative National Action Party (PAN) and the Citizen's Movement Party. Will this mini campaign of Barrales prove effective?

Sotelo challenges the PRD

I won't quit, I won't quit. This is the message sent by the former left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) Senator, Carlos Sotelo, who has challenged the national leadership of his party to expel him from their ranks. This PRD member, who is also part of the National Executive Committee, has claimed he won't quit the party, despite his decision to sign the Unity Agreement of the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) and give his full support to Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Mr. Carlos, we're told, is one of the few who has decided to form support committees – within the PRD – in favor of AMLO, who is running for president for the third time in a row.

Prayers to St. Lazarus

A terrible fuss have made the conservative National Action Party (PAN) deputies who support their national party leader, Ricardo Anaya, who has placed the Congress of the Union in a “legislative impasse”. Our sources say the legislators of both Chambers have reviewed the Organic Law and the Saint Lazarus Regulations, yet they cannot find a legal way out of the issue of the Directive Board rotation, should the deputies fail to reach a consensus on the replacement of the last year of the LXIII Legislature. The rules, we're told, do not consider the current situation. At this point, the former president of the Senate, Pablo Escudero, has suggested presenting a constitutional dispute before the Supreme Court of Justice to install the Commission of Deans. Nevertheless, they say, should the Supreme Court accept to hear the petition, they will certainly take their time and this can render controvertible several laws approved by the Chamber of Deputies. Let us pray to Saint Lazarus!

A Ferrari and politics

As strange as it may sound, the sale of a Ferrari automobile has caused a real trouble for Mexico's Attorney General, Raúl Cervantes. We're told that years ago, the lawyer bought the powerful automobile when he wasn't either a public servant or a legislator...he had his own law firm. His inner circle claims Cervantes is the owner of a property in the Lomas de Cocoyoc, in the State of Morelos, and when the car dealer was processing his license plates, Mr. Cervantes got confused and gave the dealer the Morelos address. As the fruit of his work, Mr. Raúl is the owner of 10 vehicles – some highly expensive – and has paid thousands of hundreds of Mexican pesos to the Treasure of Mexico City on vehicle taxes. His legal team has claimed there is no illegality going on, it's just and “administrative mistake” that has already been solved: this Monday the Attorney General changed his address. The issue here is that this whole confusion has happened at a very inconvenient political moment for Mr. Raúl.


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