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Excessive electric bills hurt businesses in Chiapas and Yucatán
Yucatán's food industry has reported increases of up to 200% in their electric bills
Sinaloa Cartel's macabre plan
El Chapo's trial, taking place in New York, is being kept under wraps and amid extreme security measures
Mexico's President-elect announces more referendums
Mexico's President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced a new referendum that will take place on November 24 and 25
Pemex is fighting fuel theft with guns
Pemex is arming and training its personnel, teaching them how to shoot and repel armed attacks
5,500 Mexicans march in favor of new airport
The call for a pacific demonstration, in favor of Mexico's New International Airport (NAIM), began weeks ago through social media; their opposers have labeled as "fifís", an elite
Credit cards: Mexicans' favorite source of finance
17.4 million Mexicans had at least one credit card on June 2018, which was 3.4% more than in 2017
Cabify to launch electric scooters in Mexico City
Movo and Cabify will launch 20 thousand scooters in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Spain
Mexico sees increase in number of minor offenders
Experts from UNAM suggest sanctions should be applied to the parents of minor offenders
Poverty still growing in some of Mexico’s “Magical” villages
Future minister of Tourism Miguel Torruco has promised to reevaluate the Magical Villages program
34 politicians assassinated during Mexico’s government transition
The murder of Valeria Cruz Medel, daughter of a Morena deputy, was the last case in a series of political assassinations
UAM scientists create optical tweezers to capture red blood cells
English The capture and manipulation of red blood cells can help in the diagnosis of diabetes
Chiefs-Rams game moved from Mexico City to L.A.
English The NFL informed that the game would be moved due to the Azteca Stadium's poor field conditions
Migration and Exile Film Festival in Mexico City
English Filmmakers from Mexico, Lebanon, Spain, Finland, Chile, Hungary, Sweden, and more, will participate
Mexican students create rescue robots
English This was announced during the National Science and Technology Week, held in Mexico City
IPN brings science closer to children
English Academics are training preschool teachers in the field of sciences
UNAM students create energy bar with amazing health benefits
English Mexican student creates an energy bar, which is healthier than commercial ones
The moving story behind this Mexican golfing sensation
English The Mexican golfer worked in the U.S. as an undocumented migrant before becoming a professional
Tijuana: Best city to vacation in Mexico
English Today we bring you a list of activities you can enjoy in the great border city of Tijuana
Mexican students to develop satellite in Japan
English Two Mexican PhD students were selected to participate in the development of the Ten-Koh satellite
Mexican scientists discover dinosaur fossil in Coahuila
English The new specimen is thought to have lived more than 72 million years ago in south-east Coahuila
Iron Maiden announces concert in Mexico City
English The legendary British band will once again perform in Mexico City as part of their new world tour
UNAM graduates create water-saving bathroom
English UNAM engineers have created an eco-friendly bathroom that turns feces into fertilizer
Mexico exchange rate for today
English Daily exchange rate for Mexico to US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Yen
While Brussels choreographs the first withdrawal of a sovereign state from the EU, May must now try to get the deal approved by her cabinet and, in the toughest test of all, by parliament
Democrats won the majority in the House of Representatives and although the Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate, the White House will have to negotiate in several issues or face the risk of gridlock during the next two years
Since 2016, the country has been on a quest to shift paradigms in the administration of justice, eradicating arbitrary detentions, police abuse & the fabrication of culprits based on torture