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Christmas tree sales will increase 40% this year
This Christmas tree forest began harvesting 54 years ago and it's the biggest plantation of its kind
Mexico sees great potential in cannabis industry
Mexico has the potential of becoming the main supplier of cannabidiol (CBD) in the world
Freelancers are a growing trend in Mexico
Around 12% of Mexico's workforce has engaged in freelance jobs online, according to Workana
Central America: A challenge for AMLO
The goal is to tackle the root causes of migration with funding from Mexico, the U.S., and Canada
Mexican businessmen take their capital abroad
BANXICO: direct outward investment rose to USD$5.11 billion between January and September
Mexican workers receive monthly pension of barely MXN$3,900
Mexicans usually work beyond their age of retirement or engage in voluntary savings
New government of Mexico goes after drug cartel finances
Mexico's Financial Intelligence Unit filed a complaint against businesses linked to the CJNG
PEMEX predicts 10.7% decrease in oil extraction in the next 3 months
In the first 90 days of Mexico's new administration, extraction levels are expected to drop 10.7%
BMW to expand 3 Series production in Mexico
Notimex reported that 175 thousand annual units of the 3 Series will now be manufactured in Mexico
Domestic workers will now have rights to social security in Mexico
Mexico's Supreme Court rules domestic workers will now have constitutional rights to social security
Investors concerned about Mexico airport bond buyback
Investors in bonds issued for the NAIM construction have pushed back against a debt buyback
Claudia Sheinbaum dissolves riot police
The Human Rights Commissions supports this decision and considers that the measure was necessary to prevent police brutality
The Mexican taking gymnastics by storm
English She made history becoming the first Mexican gymnast to win a medal in an international competition
IPN student creates virtual monitoring system for homes
English A young student has created a software to remotely monitor electronic devices and appliances
December Carnival dazzles Mexico City
English The event started at 09:00 hours, departing from the Angel of Independence on Reforma Avenue
Hot Air Balloon Festival in Teotihuacán
English The festival will be held on December 8 from 6:00 to 19:15 hours at the El Horreo Ranch
Master mezcal makers to share their knowledge in Mexico City
English The Second National Meeting of Master Mezcal Makers will be held on December 8 and 9 in San Ángel
Meme Museum opens in Mexico City
English Sponsored by Coca-Cola Mexico, the Meme Museum will open from December 7 to 9
UNAM launches Artificial Intelligence course online
English Through Coursera, Mexico's National Autonomous University will offer a specialized AI program
Method to detect water contamination developed in Yucatán
English Specialists from CICY developed a low-cost method to detect fecal contamination in water
English The Aztecs used this plant in both celebrations and rituals as a symbol of the purity and the new l
Del Toro curates retrospective of Mexican Cinema in Toronto
English Toronto's TIFF Cinemathèque will hold a retrospective of the history of Mexican Cinema
Roma received 3 Golden Globe nominations
English The 76th Golden Globes Awards ceremony will take place in January 6 in Beverly Hills
The Mexican taking gymnastics by storm
English In November, she made history becoming the first Mexican gymnast to win a medal in an international competition
Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said earlier that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries needed non-OPEC Russia to come on board with cuts
Qatar’s decision to leave the OPEC in 2019 and the risk of a new oversupply crisis has attracted the international attention around the current meeting of the group and its associated states from the Non-OPEC Ministerial Monitoring Committee in Vienna
In September it was revealed that there are 10 universities going through a financial crisis, at risk of affecting the education of over 500,000 students in the country