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"I think that this genuine interest to bring about a meeting to take care of Mexico's interests, I think, could have been done in a better way," he said in an interview on Mexico's Canal Once television
Inflation in the 12 months through mid-October rose to 3.09 percent, the national statistics institute said, its highest half-month reading since the second half of April 2015.
Hurricane Seymour is now centered off the coast of Colima and Michoacán
Protesters marched along Reforma avenue to reach Zócalo square in downtown Mexico City; similar protests took place in Chiapas, Jalisco, Guerrero and Nuevo León
Chinese-Mexican businessman extradited here from the United States last week will face a dozen charges including for drug trafficking and weapons possession
The Republican nominee for the U.S. 2016 Presidency emphasized that he “will build a wall” and that he would put a halt to immigration “from regions prone to the threat of terrorism”
The head of the Assistant Attorney General’s Office for Special Investigations on Organized Crime (SEIDO), Gustavo Salas, stated that his office has identified the motive and perpetrators of the attack but refrained from revealing their identity
After the murder of a federal judge in Metepec last Monday, officials of the Office of Public Security and of the State Judiciary of Guanajuato aim to put together a protection team for federal judges dealing with sensitive cases linked with organized crime
Grace's story made headlines back in 2015 after her parents fought, and won, to legalize medical marijuana in Mexico
The contest consists of two initiatives: assembling the car in a Mexican plant and designing a Mexican electric car battery.
ICA and partners submitted a bid of US$406 million that won the highest number of points under the bidding conditions where 15 other companies and consortia also bid
English In 1993, The New York Times listed Tlamanalli as one of the Top Ten Restaurants in the world
English Relax in a unique underwater setting, while breathing enriched oxygen and aromatherapy scent
English Proud human letters gather in downtown Mexico City
English The haute couture fashion house helps them improve their clothing production techniques
English The undead "infect" locals in a convivial mood
English Most comprehensive collection shown in the US in over 70 years
English ArtReview revealed the list of the 100 most influential people in the contemporary art world in 2016
English Over 160 thousand expected to visit this year
English “Oh, Chente! Thank you so much, is so wonderful you're here” Clinton told the Mexican icon