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He has left the comfort of his home in Mexico to travel to the innermost dangerous countries to bring hope of life renewed
“If a lawyer happened to be a member of the Sinaloa Cartel he would be able to have access to classified evidence and travel outside the U.S. with this knowledge.”
Ricardo Monluí Cabrera led “El Político” and was editor of "Crisol" a politics and society column from "El sol de Córdoba y Xalapa" newspaper
English Mexico-Germany dual year brings peoples together
English A citizen of the world with a mind outside the U.S.
English Californians to promote “The Getaway”
English The Mexican Embassy in the UK activated its emergency protocol after the attack outside the British Parliament earlier today
A little bit of humor
State of the art bullet-resistant vests for Mexican military forces
They call for respect of government institutions, as well as guarantees to secure economic stability