20 | ABR | 2019
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Rights threatened in the Trump era

Chicago, Illinois
Antonio Rosas-Landa
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The current administration is breaking down years of fighting for the rights of minorities

Civil rights protect individuals so that they can live without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual or religious orientation. Right now this fundamental principle is threatened in the United States.

Regrettably, Trump's administration has tried to impose regulations that treat vulnerable groups differently and snatch rights to the minorities in need of opportunities by taking away the tools that help them not only to compete but to survive.

For example, nationals from six countries (Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, and Iran) can not enter the US without proving that they have a solid and stable relationship with relatives or some entity that offers them employment.

While the travel restriction has been promoted as a national security measure, it responds to a campaign promise. And if national security is compromised, why did Trump exclude Saudi Arabia off the list? 15 of the 19 terrorists who carried out the 9-11 attacks were from that nation.

Another minority that has fought for decades for their rights includes the LGBT community. It was not until Barack Obama's presidency that the nation's Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage constitutional.

A few months after that historic victory, President Trump warned that transgender citizens will not be able to serve in the armed forces. After making known their intentions, a group of 56 generals and retired admirals contradicted the intentions of Trump and said that the expulsion of transgenders would weaken the action of the armed forces.

Also, in recent years, the excessive use of force by many police officers in the country, especially against African Americans, has been quite evident. A week ago, the President said in a speech to the police in Long Island that perhaps they should not be so kind to the detainees if they committed serious crimes.

In today's United States, all minorities are potential targets of policies that turn them into scapegoats. Refugees who left their homes to save their lives are a source of disease and terrorism. Immigrants accepted under the immigration rules proposed by Trump are those who speak English and are highly educated. The defense of civil rights and the American principles occurs today in the courts, which limit the illegal and excessive measures of the Executive.

Finally, interest groups must inform society about what is happening in this government. And in doing so, offer alternatives on how to govern without abusing the underprivileged and generating opportunities for displaced persons. If politicians do not act, informed voters will at the next election. The world needs a rational and a righteous United States to respect the rights of the most vulnerable.



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