24 | ABR | 2019
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Democrats, a weak opposition

Víctor Sancho / Corresponsal
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The Democratic Party took advantage of the inertia of social protest to oppose when Dondal Trump took office

The day after Donald Trump took office as President of the United States, millions of people went out to protest in the streets.

The Democratic Party took advantage of the inertia of social protest to oppose. They supported the demonstrations, but the real action was led by social activism.

The absence of a powerful and respected voice can be part of the lack of the opposing party's impact. The anti-Trump tactic did not work in the elections. "People did not know what we stood for, only that we were against Trump," confessed Senate leader Chuck Schumer.

Ending systemic racism; fixing the immigration system; guaranteeing the civil rights of women, the LGBT community and people with disabilities; respecting beliefs and faith; honoring indigenous communities; combating climate change; building a clean energy economy and protecting environmental justice.

All of the above are titles of clauses on the Democratic platform, promises to the electorate and the American people. Therefore, it is understood that, as a whole, the Democrats have the commitment to defend them. Or, at least, something similar reassured the new President of the party, the former member of Obama's cabinet of Puerto Rican origin Tom Pérez.

A group of Hispanic congressmen constantly denounce the raids and expulsions of undocumented immigrants. Complaints about attempts to withdraw funding from women-centered health programs are repeated from time to time, opposition to refusing to fight against climate change and denial of science appear on assemblies for certain periods.

But the reality is different. The weight of social resistance is driven by organizations and the Democratic Party gives its support as much as it can. Their struggle is now to regain lost power and to do so they have decided to focus on the economy, the recovery of jobs and the direct and visceral confrontation against changes in the health system. Criticism of Trump's actions remains, but the risk of being left without a real message is too high for a party in re-foundation and search for meaning.



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