18 | ENE | 2019
Mariana Gómez del Campo Gurza advocates for improvement in the quality of stay of Venezuelans in Mexico – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Mexican Senators request support for Venezuelans

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They request protection for those who have immigrated to Mexico as a result of the insecurity and the economic and political crisis in their country

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and the National Institute of Migration (INM) need to implement actions in favor of the Venezuelan citizens who have immigrated to Mexico as a result of the insecurity and the economic and political crisis in their country. They need to feel included and the quality of their stay in Mexico should be improved, according to the petition of senators Mariana Gómez del Campo Gurza and Daniel Ávila Ruiz.

During an agreement listed in the minutes of the Permanent Commission, both National Action Party (PAN) members spoke in favor of providing assistance to Venezuelan immigrants entering into Mexico through Cancún and Quintana Roo – as they aren't assisted by the consulate of Venezuela – as well as those whose admission request was denied at the Mexican borders, who are then left in an uncertain and vulnerable state.

"Venezuelans are the fifth foreign community in Mexico, with more than 15 thousand residents last year, according to the data from the National Population Council; in 2010, the Venezuelan community wasn't among the top ten. Data from the Mexican Ministry of the Interior shows resident permits for Venezuelans went from one thousand 552 hundred in 2013, to four thousand 826 hundred in 206,” they said.

Figures from the Association of Venezuelans in Yucatán (AVEYUC) claim more than 6 thousand Venezuelan citizens are currently living in the State of Quintana Roo.

This organization also claimed that more than 90% of Venezuelans who try to enter into Mexico are denied admission, even if they have a work visa issued by the Mexican Government. “They have reported being held at inadequate facilities for long periods of time – from the moment they arrive at the immigration modules until they receive the notification they have been denied entrance into the country; there are reports of airlines providing them water and food voluntarily during their “inadmission”, since immigration authorities give them nothing,” they said.


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