Frida Kahlo celebrated with flowers and music

There will be various activities in different museums to homage the painter
Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Today is the 110th birth anniversary of famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954) and the “Blue House,” a historic house and art museum dedicated to Kahlo, will homage her with a series of activities such as recitals open to the public.

According to the press office of the Museum, the activities started with the installation of a flower arrangement “La Flor del Templo. Homenaje a Frida” (The Temple's flower. Homage to Frida).

Said arrangement is inspired by Frida's dresses, it was created by Mario Arturo Aguilar, who worked with floral artists from Iztacalco, in collaboration with the Flowers and Gardens Festival (FYJA), under the curation of Paloma Porraz.

Regarding the recitals, the venue explained that the first was produced by Gabriel Mijares and included Mexican songs that Frida liked, interpreted by soprano Ana Karina Pegueros and Trío Homenaje.

In the afternoon, the Museum presented Trío Guelaguetza: these musicians sang melodies from Oaxaca, the state of her mother's family and from which the artist implemented her distinctive clothing style.

In addition to the anniversary celebration, the exhibition "Frida Kahlo. Me pinto a mí misma" (Frida Kahlo. I paint myself) is displayed at the Dolores Olmedo Museum. The exhibition includes self-portraits, still life, drawings, and portraits.

Through 30 paintings, from the complete collection of the Dolores Olmedo Museum and 3 private, the current themes of the duality of life and death, pain and sexuality are explored.

The Director of the cultural venue, Carlos Phillips Olmedo, mentioned that the exhibition has traveled to important museums in Detroit, New York, Saint Petersburg, and Seoul.


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