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The “Boss” of Tláhuac

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Rigoberto Salgado, Tláhuac Governor (File photo/EL UNIVERSAL)
Mexico City
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The “Boss” of Tláhuac

Many explanations are expected from the Tláhuac Governor, Rigoberto Salgado, and from the local commanding officers of the Secretariat of Public Security in Mexico City, considering facts have revealed gang leader – taken down by the Mexican Army – Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna, aka “El Ojos” (The Eyes), had a network of relatives on the payroll of the local government and the police, whom, together with their army of eyes and ears (watchmen), allowed the gang leader to control his criminal organization without disruption. Drug trafficking, money laundering through local shops, extortion, murder, looting...these were only a few of the crimes that turned a millionaire profit to the fallen drug lord and allowed the growth of a criminal empire in Tláhuac, where “El Ojos” was king – or as many locals say, the “Boss”.

Gil Zuarth Comes Forth

Yesterday, it was Roberto Gil Zuarth, Senator of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) who sent a message that sounded like a reveal. Mr. Roberto had a shirt made to run the half marathon in Mexico City, with an enormous number 18 on the back, right in the middle. The initials “CDMX” (Mexico City) on top of the number, and below it his last name. Mr. Roberto uploaded this photo to his social networks, writing that this year he ran the half marathon hoping that in 2018 “a real change of course” could be given. Is it possible that the Chiapas legislator will enter the campaign battle for the candidacy of Governor to Mexico City? Certainly, the PAN doesn’t seem to have a possible candidate yet, considering Xóchitl Gálvez, the Governor of Miguel Hidalgo, who won this Delegation under the PAN banner, has favorable approval ratings but is closer to tendencies of the left rather than the conservative ones.

Zavala's Saboteur

According to our sources, conservative Nation Action Party (PAN) member, Margarita Zavala is upset with her teammates. The reason, we're told, is that last week, when she visited the Mexico City Central Produce Market to buy potatoes, she was catcalled by the merchants, and this fact was duly recorded in a video uploaded to social networks – and has been the subject of critiques and memes ever since. Previously, she had already been ridiculed when billboard advertisements were placed with orthographic mistakes, which were also heavily criticized in social networks. As if this PAN Presidential nominee didn't have enough political opponents inside and outside her party, the mistakes of her team keep piling up. The mistake with the billboards forced her to make some changes in her communications team, and now, perhaps it's time for Mrs. Margarita to do some house cleaning since she might have a saboteur on the inside.

Maduro divides even the PRD

We're told Mara Iliana Cruz, secretary of the Politic Formation of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and supporter of the Left National Democratic movement of René Bejarano, confirmed an acknowledgment of receipt to block information, sent by the national leadership of the party. According to our sources, the instruction was to censor the position of PRD leaders who sympathize with the administration of Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro. They explain this censorship order was given after a resolution supported by the PRD members and as a result of the Sao Paulo Forum, which included support to several governments, including that of Venezuela and Nicolás Maduro, and that there was no authorization given to spread it through the official channels of the PRD.


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