The World of Tim Burton arrives in Mexico

The artist will visit the country for a book signing event
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The World of Tim Burton – creator of films such as Frankenweenie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman Forever and Sweeney Todd, among others – arrives at the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico at the end of this year.

The Museum's Facebook page, as well as the open account for the event (Tim Burton Mx), provided some details on the exhibition, which will open on December 6.

Jenny He, the curator's project assistant, said Burton is aiming for a balance between comedy and the grotesque. She said that The World of Tim Burton is divided into sections, according to his film projects, as well as other unknown and unfinished works. The exhibition will have mock-ups, drawings, sculptures, paintings, and other pieces.

He added that Burton reflects with his drawings an unchained dialogue, and he captures all his perspectives from the unconscious. She also said that the work of the creator is subjective and personal, which is why, to her mind, audiences are able to form a deep connection with his works and films.

At the press conference, it was confirmed that Tim Burton will visit Mexico to autograph copies of the translation of his art book, which gathers more than a thousand drawings.

It's the first time this book will be available in Spanish, and it was translated by María Carranza. In order to meet the famous American designer and writer, fans must first buy the book and then enter the raffle, where only 500 participants will be selected.

Three thousand people per day are expected to visit the exhibition, which will be hosted at the ground floor and in other areas of the museum.

“It'll be open for four months, six days a week, 10 hours a day, so the audience is able to make the tour in 90 minutes. Although if it is necessary, they can remain at the venue longer,” said Héctor Rivero Borrell, director of the Franz Mayer Museum.


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