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Sinkhole to serve as Grand Opening

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Sinkhole at Express Passageway – File Photo / EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Sinkhole to serve as Grand Opening

The sinkhole at the Express Passageway in Morelos has all the elements to become the first case investigated by the National Anti-corruption System (SNA) in Mexico: a private company with a dubious tender, public resources that went from a billion to two billion Mexican pesos, an accident which took place four months after the public work opened, and the tragic loss of two people who died when their car fell down the hole. Our sources say the different organizations part of the system should be gathering data to launch the investigation and assign liability to culprits, starting with the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, under Secretary Gerardo Ruíz Esparza, and the Government of Morelos, under Governor Graco Ramírez. Anti-corruption specialists say the Secretariat of Civil Service and the Office of the Mexican Attorney-General (PGR) should have launched an investigation on this matter, considering it's a public event, yet this could become the grand opening for the recently-formed SNA.

Aurelio Nuño and his Many Prospects

Within the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), some consider that the constant activity of Secretary of Public Education, Aurelio Nuño, has clear electoral purposes. The public servant has been mentioned during several months as one of the PRI's strongest cards as a candidate for the Mexican Presidency in 2018. Yet, according to our sources, Mr. Aurelio could be come the candidate for Governor of Puebla, where the PRI needs a strong name at a national level to fight for the control of the territory, currently at the hands of former conservative National Action Party (PAN) member, Rafael Moreno Valle. The problem with this tale – told by some PRI members – is that it comes from the sector inside the party which supports other nominees to the Presidential candidacy. Thus, there are some who see Mr. Aurelio as governor material, while others believe he is cut out to be president. Who truly matters is those who decide who makes the cut or not.

PVEM slips through FAD fingers

Those who truly got nervous were the promoters of the Wide Democratic Front (FAD), who in the last couple of days have increased their attempts of approaching the Green Party (PVEM). Recently, the PVEM received an invitation letter to join the FAD, sent by the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) national leader, Alejandra Barrales. We're told the PRD considered a fact that the PVEM would accept their “generous” offer and become a part of the FAD. However, in a few days, they began to send the PRD signals of their own. First, that their alliance with ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is not broken. Second, that even if there's no alliance with the PRI, they can stand alone. Third, that they have mentioned one of the possible nominees as candidates for the Presidency. And fourth, that their national electoral acceptance is very similar to the PRD. It seems the PVEM slipped through the FAD's fingers.

Massive escape of PRD supporters?

The numbers don't add up for the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) and their new presence in Oaxaca. After leaving the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), Rey Morales said that 45 thousand supporters would leave the PRD to start the integration of MORENA committees in this State. However, we're told that the party of Andrés Manuel López Obrador barely registers two thousand people interested in changing teams and supporting the native of Tabasco. Apparently, Mr. Rey is not very good with Maths, or perhaps he counted the numbers on an altered electoral roll? Meanwhile, other PRD members are getting ready to sit on the chair Morales left empty at the PRD. Tough!


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