21 | ABR | 2019
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Mexican Immigrants build “Border Wall” in Atlanta

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The work was designed by American artist Joseph Guay to raise awareness about immigration

A 40-by-16 feet “border wall” was erected today at an empty solarium in the center of the American city of Atlanta to provide a real look at one of the main campaign promises of American president Donald Trump.

The work, designed by American artists Joseph Guay, was built to raise awareness about immigration issues.

“The purpose of this is to create a healthy dialogue on immigration,” said Guay.

The artist explained that it's necessary that people see up close the dimensions of the wall Trump is planning to build to separate the US from Mexico, and to understand the consequences of the wall and the magnitude of the immigration problem in the US.

The wall, built by undocumented labor workers, has the Mexican flag painted on one side, and the face of President Trump on the other.

“Trump has said he will make Mexico pay for the wall, so it was fitting that Mexican workers would build this one, and the fact that they were undocumented was to give them a voice,” he added.

Guay engages the visitors to express their opinion on the issue, and to leave their “mark” on the wall.

“The wall allows people to write their points of view so others can know of them and explore more options,” said Guay.

Some of the people who have come to see the work have indeed ventured to write messages and symbols.

Someone painted a door to neutralize the purpose of the work, and a young man painted a mustache on Trump's face similar to that of Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler.

Guay, who's of French-Canadian descent, hasn't given his opinion to avoid influencing the freedom of expression of those who come to see his work.

“The feedback has been very interesting. There are many people taken in by the idea of writing and expressing their opinion in the wall, while others seem to have no desire to engage with it, even if this wall is there for them too,” he claimed.


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