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Canada is looking for Mexican workers

Mexicans can also take their families with them
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The city of Quebec, Canada, faces a shortage of skilled workers and is seeking foreigners. Through its program Québec en Tête, together with the French Alliance of Mexico, Mexicans can work temporarily or permanently in the country, take their families, improve their quality of life and have the opportunity to live satisfying experiences.

To apply for this program it is necessary to:

- Know English or French.

- Apply for a work permit application issued by Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada.

- Send digitally:

1. Copy of passport

2. Two photographs of the applicant and with their family (in case they travel to Canada).

3. Proof of the relationship of relatives who will also travel.

4. Documentation provided by the Canadian company that will hire the applicant.

5. In some cases, submit a medical examination, depending on the area of work.

6. The documents must be in English or French.

After completing this procedure applicants must:

- Answer some forms about personal and work information, and about the applying work.

- Pay the required fees.

- Send the request to Visa Application Center, where the information will be verified and applicants will be notified of the results.

Interested people have until August 13 to submit their request.

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The most requested areas

1. Health and Nutrition

2. Biopharmaceutical

3. Active Ingredients

4. Techno-health

5. Medical equipment

6. Wellness products and services

7. Specialized services

8. Applied technologies

9. Optical-photonic

10. Geospatial


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