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The Blind Politician

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The Blind Politician
“Trust but verify” is a Russian proverb that the National Regeneration Movement Party (MORENA) could learn something from. After the lesson Veracruz legislator, Eva Cadena, taught her own party, the MORENA leadership should think twice before rejecting to investigate the Governor of Tláhuac, Rigoberto Salgado – who is in charge of the territory where the criminal organization led by the fallen drug lord, El Ojos (The Eyes) based its operations. According to our sources, it's not about a desire to violate the presumption of innocence principle, yet it seems – at least unlikely – that the governor had failed to see the activities of a criminal gang who, among other things, controlled hundreds of moto-taxis and whose reign of terror ravaged his delegation. It's also quite baffling that the Governor had failed to request assistance to the Federation regarding the violence perpetrated by this gang. Salgado is the blind politician who failed to see “El Ojos”.

Ruiz Esparza Shunned

Our sources say that the Executive Power made a decision last Friday: the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Gerardo Ruíz Esparza, will no longer accompany Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to Mexicali, Baja California. Originally, the plan was for the Chief of the Executive to open, during the tour, the irrigation canal “27 de Enero”, at one one of the main agro-food production areas of the country, and for him to hand over a section of the highway Mexicali-San Felipe. The Secretary of Communications and Transportation was going to present the project and display a video highlighting its importance. Yet, the speech of Mr. Gerardo and the video were cut from the event, which was only limited to the opening of the irrigation canal. Was he removed from the event due to the recent incident at the Express Passageway in Tlahuica, in which two people died? Or is Ruiz Esparza going through a political sinkhole? Will he emerge unharmed?

Express Passageway Disclosure

By the way, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), under the responsibility of Gerardo Ruíz Esparza, finally sent to the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI), the files of the construction of the Express Passageway that so many headaches has brought to all three government levels. We're told the INAI personnel on duty has already begun to analyze the information, which is full of technical terms. Nevertheless, the analysts of the Institute expect to achieve a good understanding of the issues with the construction project and to issue reports that could help define liability. Just to clarify, we're told the task of the INAI will not replace the work of the Office of the Mexican Attorney-General (PGR) or the Secretariat of Public Administration. What matters is that information has begun to flow.

SAT Alert

The chief of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), Osvaldo Santín, should check out a construction and trading company under the corporate name of DMF Proyectos SA de CV, the property of Rogelio Garrido Montes de Oca. According to our sources, this company has evaded millions in taxes, both in Mexico and in the United States. In Mexico, information from the Federal Government confirms that the company brags about having the support of SAT officials – who allegedly cooperate to help the company evade its taxes. This matter has come to the attention of the SAT's American counterpart, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), agency which will look into the matter. Could someone inside the SAT be cooperating with this company?

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