Support to renegotiate Mexico-EU treaty

Members of the European Parliament highlight the fight against impunity on the agenda
Photo: Taken from Twitter - @PresidenciaMX
Francisco Reséndiz
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European People's Party (EPP) legislators expressed to President Enrique Peña Nieto their support for the process of updating and modernizing the Global Agreement, which includes the trade agreement between Mexico and the European Union.

Peña received in the Official Residence of Los Pinos the leader of the EPP in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, along with five vice-presidents of that political group and the deputy secretary general of the PPE, Juan Salafranca, as well as the ambassador of the European Union in Mexico, Andrew Standley.

At the meeting, the MEPs exchanged views with the Mexican President on the process of modernizing the bilateral legal framework between Mexico and the EU, and discussed some of the main issues on the international agenda, the Presidency reported in a statement.

Both parties highlighted the opportunities offered by the update, as well as the advantages presented to promote dialogue and advance on issues such as the rule of law, security, the fight against impunity and violations of human rights.

"The President and the legislators welcomed the progress made in the negotiation process, both in the economic part and in the political and cooperation dialogue. The MEPs endorsed their support for this modernization advance.”

The official source noted that since the Global Agreement came into effect in 2000, bilateral trade between the two economies has tripled to USD$ 1.68 billion last year, making the EU Mexico's third largest trading partner.

"In turn, it has consolidated as the second largest investor in Mexico worldwide, with a cumulative investment of USD$172.571 million between January 1999 and March 2017."

On July 8, in Hamburg, Peña Nieto met with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentinoli to discuss the Global Agreement.

"We reiterate the close relationship between both nations, being strategic allies and, above all, we thank the support that Spain has been providing in particular so that Mexico can update this treaty," said the President. "Similarly, this issue of requesting the support for the update was addressed in my meeting with the Prime Minister of Italy."

Peña also requested the support of France and Germany in this process, with positive responses in favor of trading.


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