Maintaining the TPP forces reviewing of terms

To the Canacintra, conditions must be modified with Vietnam and Malaysia
Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Ivette Saldaña
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The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) must advance, but it is necessary to renegotiate its terms, said the vice chairman of the National Chamber of Industry and Transformation (Canacintra), Arturo Rangel.

He explained that the reactivation of the Partnership, promoted by the leaders of the 11 remaining nations, requires modifications because it was negotiated when the United States was still a partner.

However, as President Donald Trump abandoned the project, the commercial benefits granted to countries like Vietnam and Malaysia must be adjusted.

Mexico yielded to the rules in “practically every sector, with Vietnam in the textile, electronic, and remanufactured sectors… All that we relinquished was done for the U.S., and would not have been given to Vietnam,” he said.

Concerning customs and origin issues, “the level of ambition and reach must be completely changed.” That means that the TPP could be renegotiated with the Asian countries of the partnership: Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and New Zealand.

There are pending matters like electronic commerce, warrants, services, conditions, measurement units, proceedings, and deliveries.


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