Mesoamerican ballgame site discovered in Templo Mayor

The discovery of Ehécatl-Quetzalcóatl Temple was also officially announced
Photo: Ariel Ojeda/EL UNIVERSAL
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The ruins of the Ehécatl Temple, god of the wind, and the Mesoamerican ballgame site of ancient Tenochtitlán will be open to the public in a site museum which the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and proprietors of the venues will adapt shortly in the street of Guatemala 16, in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

Accompanied by the Presidency spokesman, Eduardo Sánchez Hernández; the Secretary of Culture, María Cristina García Cepeda; and the Managing Director of the INAH, Diego Prieto; the archeologist Eduardo Matos Moctezuma informed that the ruins will be open thanks to the agreement between the INAH and the owners of the venue.

The discovery was result of the works carried out for 40 years in the area of the Templo Mayor (Main Temple). In the street of Guatemala 16, where the god of the wind temple was discovered in 2010, archeologists detected the ruins of the ballgame main court of ancient Tenochtitlán.

The research was in charge of archeologists Eduardo Matos Moctezuma and Raúl Barrera Rodríguez, coordinator of the Urban Archeology Program (PAU).

They declared that there is no official date to open the ruins to the public since archeological work is still ongoing in the area.


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