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Mexican caricature in Latin America

The exhibition is part of the International Caricature Festival in Colombia and is expected to visit Brazil, Costa Rica and Cuba as well
Caricature by Rogelio Naranjo - COURTESY
Mexico City
Cristian Arturo K
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Rius' agile pencils, the constant search for new techniques that has characterized Helioflores; The fetish of Magu; The extraordinary work of Naranjo, as well as the exceptional drawings of Ernesto García "El Chango" Cabral, along with the works of Freyre and Jorge Carreño, among others, are part of the traveling exhibition "La Caricatura Mexicana" (Mexican Caricature) which shows this year in Latin America the diversity of styles and techniques of contemporary caricaturists in Mexico.

Organized by caricaturist Kemchs, this exhibition, which stands out for its acid humor, criticism and the portrayal of some customs and behaviors of Mexicans, is part of the International Caricature Festival in Colombia, and will also participate in the International Salon of Humor of Piracicaba, Brazil, spaces of diffusion for international caricature and graphic humor.
The International Caricature Festival, which takes place in the municipality of Calarcá, Colombia, opened on June 2 with 60 works. In addition to those already mentioned, there are works by Abel Quezada, cartoonist who made some covers for The New Yorker and who created a new style that broke the traditional drawing styles.

Other sketches that will participate in this international exhibition are Boligán (collaborator to EL UNIVERSAL as well as Helioflores), who has received international awards for the diversity of his cartoons; There is also the Calderón's criticism that requires the reader to stay well-informed in order to understand his pencils.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Calarcá, renowned Colombian caricaturist who adopted his pseudonym from the Colombian municipality of the same name and creator of the festival, comments that a place has been reserved for the Mexican caricature because of the high artistic and critical level that characterizes a large part of the so -called "moneros" (caricaturists) of the country besides that - he assures - it has been a reference for the Colombian sketchers.

In Brazil, the exhibition "La Caricatura Mexicana" will be presented from August 26 to October 12, in the framework of the 44th International Salon of Humor of Piracicaba, which began in 1973. José Alberto Lovetro, better known as JAL, caricaturist and president of The Association of Caricaturists of Brazil, commented that the exhibition of Mexican "moneros" will allow everyone to know the graphic humor that stands out in the contemporary Mexican press.

In the festival, regarded as a spearhead of graphic humor and with a history of more than 40 editions, will compete more than two thousand drawings for 15 awards and will offer art workshops, concerts and discussion tables. The exhibition is also expected to open in Costa Rica and Cuba.


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