“Cometa” seeks to raise animal awareness

The box office made by the film will be destined to a canine sterilization campaign
Mexico City
César Huerta Ortiz
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The box office made by a film with an abandoned dog as the main character will be destined to a canine sterilization campaign.

The film “Cometa, él, su perro y su mundo (Comet, the boy, his dog and his world) has just been picked up by Cinemex to be released at the end of the year.

Leonardo Arturo, director of the film, said that the money will be given to Muro A.C., founded by actor Beto Castillo who has been actively campaigning for canine awareness for years.

“Cometa” will most likely be released in December and it's seen through the eyes of a dog that, given away at a Christmas party, is thrown away to the streets as 7 out of 10 pets are, according to specialists in Mexico.

The film makes its way with a teaser that has had about one million views in five months, as well as public interest in other countries like Peru, Chile and Colombia, and it's expected to premiere in those places as well.

The producers are trying to get the film released also in the United States and some other Latin American countries but that has not yet been confirmed.

“Cometa” only cost one million one hundred thousand pesos, of which almost half was financed through the crowdfunding platform Fondeadora with the support of companies Remax, Zermat and Xdog. Cinema 84 is the production company.

That budget is 20 times lower than what an average Mexican movie costs.


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