State of Mexico and Veracruz leaders in electoral offenses

Pigs' heads were found in some polling places in the State of Mexico
Two buses were detained bringing alleged voters to the State of Mexico - Photo courtesy of Santiago Nieto/FEPADE
Mexico City
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The head of the Special Prosecutor's Office for Electoral Crimes (FEPADE), Santiago Nieto Castillo, said that during the elections this Sunday, they are acting with absolute impartiality, without phobias or philias, in a clear, forceful and fast way to avoid any illicit act.

In a press conference, he stressed that the process started in a peaceful atmosphere, so everyone can vote since the elections are totally guaranteed.

Until 11:00 hours, he said, there were reports of alleged offenses in violation of Article 7, Section 16 of the General Electoral Offenses Law to intimidate the voters, which affects directly their freedom of suffrage.

The federal official said that telephone calls were presented with threats to party militants to inhibit the vote.

He referred to apocryphal citations delivered in three municipalities of the State of Mexico, which have been denied by the Attorney General and FEPADE.

On the pigs' heads that were abandoned in some places where polling places would be installed, Nieto Castillo assured that the case is being investigated to determine responsibilities.

He explained that up to now they have received 176 calls to the Fepadetel line, of which 75 correspond to complaints filed in the four states: 16 in Coahuila, 28 in the State of Mexico, 3 in Nayarit and 28 in Veracruz.

Meanwhile, Fepadenet has received 42 emails, of which 13 have been denunciations for the State of Mexico and 2 for Veracruz.

He also commented that up to the moment of the conference there were 21 reports that had reached Fepademóvil, of which 19 correspond to the State of Mexico, 1 to Coahuila and one more to Nayarit.

Nieto Castillo also stated that two people were arrested for presumed electoral offenses, and today, two bus drivers were involved in an alleged transport operation to the State of Mexico which, according to drivers' statements, consisted of 7 buses whose purpose was to bring voters and the induction to vote. Based on this, they would be buses with capacity for more than 50 people, which would involve about three thousand votes.



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