20 | MAY | 2019

Javier Duarte accepts extradition to Mexico

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Duarte denied the accusations which he considered “derisory,” unfounded, vague, and inaccurate

The former governor of the state of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, accepted his extradition to Mexico to face the crimes of which he is accused.

In a hearing with a judge in Guatemala, Duarte denied the accusations against him, which he considered “derisory,” unfounded, vague, and inaccurate.

Judge Saúl Martínez informed that the request for extradition from the Mexican government was immediately accepted.

Duarte said that the current government of Veracruz accuses him of misuse of public funds and influence peddling when he was no longer a public server; in addition to making a MXN$220 million pesos deposit from a state government account to another state account.

Duarte said that the charges are “derisory and disrespectful to the authorities here present.”

Thus, he renounced to any defense procedure in Guatemala, the country which accepted his extradition.


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