Environmental risk in Sabinalito river in Chiapas

Pollution in the bodies of water of the metropolitan area in Chiapas is a potential danger for the Sumidero Canyon flora and fauna
Oscar León
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Pollution in the rivers of Chiapas metropolitan region has raised the alarm in communities located in the south of the capital. Given the death of fishes and birds, farmers from Pacú, in Suchipa, demanded the sanitation of the Sabinalito river.

Water runs parallel to the municipal border, south to the capital, and in front of the communal land of Pacú merges with the Suchipa river, flows into the Grijalba river and reaches the Sumidero Canyon.

It is also fed by the capital's garbage tributaries, a concession awarded to the company “Proactiva Medio Ambiente” (Proactive Environment), in charge of recollecting and handling of garbage and the discharges of Real del Bosque and Homex housing estates.

Biologist Luis Vicente Rivera warns that the problem is generating a potential catastrophe for the flora and fauna of the Sumidero Canyon National Park. A communal assembly has been called for because of the environmental emergency. More than 200 people have participated in the last two meetings.

“We want them to return our river as it was before, where we could drink water,” demanded Mario Toalá, a municipal agent.

The National Water Commission and Proactiva company recollected water samples and dead fish in different parts of the river and announced that in 15 days will offer the results.


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