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PVEM: Incongruence and squandering

OPINION: The party has made evident the profound divorce between the principles that shaped it and its political performance
Mexico City
Newspaper leader by EL UNIVERSAL
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Ideally, political parties are public institutions that, based on a doctrine and their founding principles, congregate social sectors that share their visions and involve them in the run for power. Under this logic, they represent the interests of different segments of the citizenry and are guarantors of the democratic life of a society. In practice, they are often the opposite of what is expected from them.

The most recent case is the Green Party (PVEM). As EL UNIVERSAL discloses today, the party has not only made evident the profound divorce between the principles that shaped it and its political performance but also that it is capable of squandering public resources without yielding any benefits for the Mexican people.

According to the research carried out by this daily, the legislative activity of the Green Party shows that their environmental discourse is inconsistent with the laws that it has promoted and approved in the spaces it occupies in one of the substantive powers of the Republic. There are examples such as the energy reform, the law that banned the use of wildlife in circuses and the General Law of Biodiversity, which are far from the environmental agenda, according to environmental organizations.

In addition, PVEM has spent 228 million pesos in a space of six years, from 2011 to 2017, in frivolities that do not, in all cases, contribute to the legislative activity that it carries out. How has that money offered benefits to citizens, to the environment? Moreover, to what extent does the presence of this political party increase the quality of life of Mexicans?

Some sectors of the Green Party have been questioned for corruption, legislative inefficiency and even for violations of electoral laws and, in addition to that, the party is seen as an appendix of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). What is the meaning of a party that presumes to defend the environment, but which in fact affects it, in addition to representing an onerous and unnecessary burden for the treasury?

The party system in Mexico must review the prerogatives that these institutions receive in the light of their own results and, ultimately, a democratic coexistence that today has dissatisfied millions of citizens. Fewer party bureaucracies in the pursuit of money and power are needed, but more transparent political institutions representing the interests of broader social sectors.

Political parties are necessary for the development of democratic life, but in our country, they have been allowed to prioritize their own interests and to cancel the spaces of citizen representation. When this dynamic is ordered in favor of public interest, they will have less space to commit abuses.

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